Buy a Barnes & Noble Nook HD+ tablet, get a free Nook Simple Touch [DEAL]


When it rains, it pours and if you’re looking to get yourself an Android tablet on the cheap, it seems like everyday there’s new deal. Barnes & Noble is the latest to try and clear out some of their tablet stock, by offering a free Nook Simple Touch (non-backlit version) for free with the purchase of the 9-inch Nook HD+ 16GB for $270, or 32GB for $300. That’s a savings of about $80 (the regular cost of the Nook Simple Touch).

The deal is good between March 24-30th at all major retailers wherever the Nook HD+ is sold. While we’re still trying to figure out if it’s worthwhile, keep in mind the Nook HD+ is easily hackable and able to run stock Android Jelly Bean like a champ. You can even purchase a handy N2A card for an even easier Android installation. Oh, and if a free e-reader isn’t your cup of tea, the Nook HD+ is also $50 off with coupon code “50free” on the B&N website.

[Press Release | Barnes & Noble]

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  1. I just got a nook simple touch and a chromebook last week, otherwise, i would’ve been all over this deal.

  2. I bought a simple touch last year and I regret not ponying up the cash for the glow light.

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