Mar 22nd, 2013

Quite honestly, I’m at a loss for words on how to even describe this new Kickstarter project. A German company has developed a product so new, so revolutionary, it’s going to change the way you game on your Android handset forever. You know how with current technology, we’re limited on how we can play games or watch movies? It’s either hold your phone, or hold a controller. You can’t do both.

Okay, well, you can if you’ve ever heard of the MOGA or Samsung’s upcoming gaming contr— never mind that. They don’t, and wont ever have puppets in their ads. Or hot chicks. Okay, maybe hot chicks. But back to reality (or at least some wacky version of it). Once (if) the Headflat gets funded, we’ll simply be able to strap some metal arms to our heads, via a fashionable visor, and take our gaming (or vegging, or sexting) to the next level. Wait, not the next level… the next dimension. The 4th one, specifically. There’s just so much wrong here, it’s hard for me to think straight. The multipurpose visor. The puppets. The — Oh, dear, god. Why is he doing his 4th dimensional piloting on kitchen table?!?

So, Phandroids. How much would you think the goal for a project like this would cost? $10k? $50K? No. $100,000 dollars. Cash. Guess they gotta make back all the money they spent on branded polo shirts. Oh, and expected retail for the Headflat? $100. If I’m being too harsh, please someone let me know. Anyone think this is actually a pretty ingenious idea and will be backing one? I’m still checking to see if the project’s end date will update to April 1st.

Thanks, Ashley!

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