Strap a phone to your head and take Android gaming into the 4th dimension with this Kickstarter project


Quite honestly, I’m at a loss for words on how to even describe this new Kickstarter project. A German company has developed a product so new, so revolutionary, it’s going to change the way you game on your Android handset forever. You know how with current technology, we’re limited on how we can play games or watch movies? It’s either hold your phone, or hold a controller. You can’t do both.

Okay, well, you can if you’ve ever heard of the MOGA or Samsung’s upcoming gaming contr— never mind that. They don’t, and wont ever have puppets in their ads. Or hot chicks. Okay, maybe hot chicks. But back to reality (or at least some wacky version of it). Once (if) the Headflat gets funded, we’ll simply be able to strap some metal arms to our heads, via a fashionable visor, and take our gaming (or vegging, or sexting) to the next level. Wait, not the next level… the next dimension. The 4th one, specifically. There’s just so much wrong here, it’s hard for me to think straight. The multipurpose visor. The puppets. The — Oh, dear, god. Why is he doing his 4th dimensional piloting on kitchen table?!?

So, Phandroids. How much would you think the goal for a project like this would cost? $10k? $50K? No. $100,000 dollars. Cash. Guess they gotta make back all the money they spent on branded polo shirts. Oh, and expected retail for the Headflat? $100. If I’m being too harsh, please someone let me know. Anyone think this is actually a pretty ingenious idea and will be backing one? I’m still checking to see if the project’s end date will update to April 1st.

Thanks, Ashley!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. For some reason, I was laughing at this.. Maybe it’s because of the corny pictures, hand puppets and all. Oh wait, I know! This looks ridiculous.

    1. Watch the video. Girl has an amazing rack !!!

      1. I agree, It’s so nice though that if you don’t say anything people still notice.

        1. I wouldn’t have watched the video if it weren’t for Thomas!
          My hat goes off to you Thomas, thank you for making my Monday morning just a little bit better. :)

      2. Made me watch the video ;)

  2. How fricking drunk were they when they came up with this?

    1. Who cares? They have hot chicks in the video, it will sell….

  3. horrible…. just quit

  4. Hoping this doesn’t succeed. No one should be taking “fourth dimension” as a marketing term, you’re just ruining it. It’s conceptual, if you have a fourth dimension then it’s time. And we’ve had that in games ever since, well, games.

  5. Something like this could only originate in Germany. Or Florida.


  6. But wait theres more.. Donate now and receive a free polo tshirt

    1. But wait there’s STILL more! Mention puppet when you call and receive a free 4 dimension SNUGGIE!

      1. But wait theres even way more! Order in the next 2 seconds and get free delivery on april 1st!!!

        1. But wait! There’s more then even way more! Refer a friend and get a free ear wax vacuum!

          1. no wait there is way more! buy two and get the the pretty blonde girl laying down for life.

    2. Hey, it worked for Steve Ballmer you know

  7. At least those 2 chicks are HOT !!!


  9. The German Google Glass. GGG.

  10. I don’t think I would ever want to use this for gaming, but for watching movies in bed? This is GENIUS.

    1. But is it $100 genius?

      1. Well, the Fleshlight is genius too.

      2. thiz post by cc is worth $1000, cc, tonight u got it all in one sock,

    2. Did you mean watching porn?

      1. It is hands free.

  11. Omg.
    Free your hands and …wait…no …take our controler…
    The samsung gamepad??? Too discret on the station…
    Seriously??? I can’t stop laughing

  12. This is just horrible!

  13. What kickstarter project????

  14. This article about Asus optical drives doesn’t match the title.

  15. I can explain this kick starter project. Look at the photo above. He had an iphone strapped in that crazy head gear contraption. That explains everything iSheep will totally fund this project. And wear it. They will consider it an equal replacement to google glass just like apple maps is…

    1. Apple’s going to sue them for stealing their idea xD

    2. iGlass, yeaye.

    3. But they included the babes to appeal to phandroids.

  16. The girls picture says “any position you like!” Mmmm..I can think of a few..

    1. Unfortunately for most viewers, they’ll just have to make do with the sock puppets.

  17. “Any position you like!” Did anyone else completely forget about the stupid headset when they saw that?

  18. BOOBZ

  19. Only way I’d donate to this asinine project is if the girl in the video would come blo….. Make me a sandwich.

  20. Seems like what Chris Chavez likes receiving, being strapped on.

    1. LMFAO!

  21. lol

  22. I don’t know what is worse. The actual product or that it took since 2008 to make? OR that a visor is still an acceptable form of head wear.

  23. OMG soo cool just backed for $4113

  24. I’d be embarrassed to pose for such demo shots. This is just ROEFL-able.

  25. apples version of google glass?

  26. From this, the st patties day Google glass video, and the smart shoes, there isn’t going to be any good laugh left for April fools.

    1. Don’t worry. You can always count on Google for something good on April 1

  27. Hope they take it to shark tank would love to see Mark Cuban rip on it to funny the first girl has a nice rack or a real good push up bra on

  28. um.. NO

  29. WTF???

  30. I’ll rather wait for Google Glass!

  31. She already has a boob job, i guess this kick starter is for her nose job. I wouldnt donate a penny to these fools.

  32. Germans know what you want. And they’ll give it to you. Mmmmm yeah

    1. Sock puppets!

  33. Poor man’s Project Glass?

  34. While the product and video are terrible, I kept waiting for it to turn into a porn video at any moment.

  35. Dude! “Ghetto Glass”

  36. They need to stop!

  37. Is this Google Glass 2.0?

    1. it’s actually -2.0

  38. lol

  39. when playing a game or watching movies, batteries in most phones die fairly quickly. so you’re either going to wear this for an hours at most, and then wait, or continue with a charger plugged into your head pretty much. terrible idea. and its not better then a 60 inch.

  40. You know when I think about it if this was made in a less dumb @$$ looking way. (if possible.) and you could actually control movement in a game, like looking left, right, up, down, it would be an interesting way to add another level to smartphone gaming. However I don’t know that those types of controls can or ever will be possible on a smartphone. (in any usable sense anyway)

  41. Yeah…. Lets cause some sort of whiplash bobbing and weaving my head back and forth on sensor assisted games……

    1. this would actually be cool if you can play a game just by moving your head around

  42. Google glasses makes this obsolete

  43. the RASH of response to this post shud git Chris a raise!

  44. Hot girl, puppets, remote controlled helicopter, acoustic cover of smells like teen spirit…. this may just be the best advertisement video I’ve seen in a long time.

  45. What happens when your phone comes loose from the holster while you’re partaking in “360-degree movement”?

  46. Ya juts send that chick to my house for a demonstration, and I’ll make my decision :D

    1. This ^^^^^^^ ;)

  47. everytime i see devices like this, i cant help but thnk of wall-e

  48. Why even leave the toilet with headflat?

    Will it fit a Note 2?

  49. This needs to be combined with the beer hat immediately.

  50. it literally looks like a sling shot on a visor

  51. Hi people! ;) i´m the inventor! Wow, what can i say? You all have your opinion. Well i just can tell it was a lot of work to develop the headflat and it makes a lot of fun to use it – in any way. Sure it looks quite a bit strange. And i would not use the headflat outside my house too! I use it to watch movies or play games AT HOME ;) Its true! Our headline was a bit to much of it! But come on! Give it a chance. You never tried it! Everybody who tried it in real liked it a lot. Its a new product. Its a new way to use your smartphone (at home) Its NOT a fashion revolution. Have a great week and greetings from Germany – Dirk

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