HTC highlights BlinkFeed and BoomSound features in new One commercials, but are they effective? [VIDEO]


Aside from a few Verizon ad spots, it’s rare we get to see just about any HTC device getting some air time. Looks like that might soon change with a few HTC commercials popping up on YouTube. The first ad shows off HTC’s BlinkFeed feature which, sure, may sound gimmicky, but from what I’ve seen of it in person, was a handy tool for keeping up with news and social networks in a single feed. We’ve seen similar social aggregating apps from LG, but nothing that looks this slick. Here’s a quick ad spot that, judging from the accent in the video, is bound for UK markets.

Next up, we have an ad that seems a whole lot more effective at getting its point across. The commercial highlights the HTC One’s most distinctive feature and arguably one of the best reasons to own the device — its front-facing stereo speakers. Erm, otherwise known as “BoomSound.” In the commercial, you watch a variety of musical artists all playing music with their backs towards you, facing away from the crowd and microphones. Now that doesn’t make much sense, right? Later in the video they turn to face the crowd and it finally clicks, “Why do our smartphones place their speakers on the back of the device?” BOOM(Sound).

Finally, we have a music video where the HTC One makes a cameo appearance. Looks like HTC has paired up with the musical duo Hollaphonic for the official music video to their electro single “I Don’t Want It To End.” Can’t say I’m a fan of this kinda music, so I’ll withhold my critique there. I will say the video features a lot of sexy women with an even sexier smartphone. Take a look.

What’s more interesting is HTC’s new marketing strategy. I mean, it’s no “Official sponsor of the 2012 Olympics,” but it’s definitely a start. You can argue removable batteries and SD card slots all day, but it’s no secret that Samsung’s wild success with their Galaxy line of devices was the millions of dollars they poured into advertising it. While there’s no way HTC has a budget for an ad blitz of that caliber, I guess they could keep hitting Samsung lines showing off the HTC One in hopes of swaying potential customers.

[via HTC Blog | HTCSource]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I won’t run out and buy it anytime soon…

    1. same here. i cant go from 4.8 to 4.7 doesnt matter if its HD or 4k. waiting for google. i dont want an S4 either. my S3 is fine

      1. .1 inches is the deal breaker for you? I own HTC Droid DNA, Nexus 4, LG Optimus G, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy Note 2 and I’m still getting the HTC One. No doubt in my mind….

        On that note, my S3 has been slowing down to a crawl lately. Almost unusable when I get a few notifications :/

        1. currently running a custom rom, its amazingly fast. i dont use skinned android. always stock. if you like one of those people that rely on TW. than that’s your problem. :D the One maybe amazing for some people. but for me, i dont see nothing new. besides its design. its missing a lot of things i want from a phone. also its gonna have a lock bootloader. that sh*t i dont like.

          1. Nothing new? lolololol okay.. I could rant on and on… S4 this, One that… too lazy…
            Btw, want an unlocked bootloader? Get the dev. version of the One

          2. Are you running an AOSP ROM on your S3? Does the camera work on those?

            And that’s kinda why I’m getting the unlocked developer edition. Not that I’ve rooted a phone in forever (they’re plenty fast enough these days, and I already get great battery life).

            For me, rooting as something you do after you’ve had a phone for a couple of years and you need to bring it back up to speed.

          3. That’s exactly what I do!
            Dude, it’s like we’re connected

          4. We’re like the same person.. O_o

          5. its not someone’s “problem” if they use their phone as intended. It’s android’s problem.

        2. do you use them all at once or switch out? that’s a ton of high end phones lol.different numbers?

        3. You know what they say. Give them .1 of an inch and they’ll take .1 of a mile

  2. The day I buy a metal unibody phone that sacrifices battery, size, & weight just for “premium look & feel” is either the day I’ve eaten one too many paint chips (not that I eat paint chips (yum)), or it’s the day that battery is no longer an issue because we’ve moved on from chemical reactions to something like graphene supercapacitors that charge in 5 seconds and last “forever”…

    edit: supercapacitor link… http://io9.com/5987086/meet-the-scientific-accident-that-could-change-the-world

    1. To each his own, I guess.

      1. the thing is after two years there is a chance you batteries might hold a weaker charge, but in the Galaxy S4 and S3 your screen will most likely suffer from burn in, and hold a third less pixels than advertised.

        1. Also, after two years most of us will be lusting after the 2015 phones and complaining about how crappy and slow the HTC One and S4 are. :P

          1. On second thought, most of the folks who frequent this site will be doing that in 6-12 months. :)

    2. It’s awesome to come across a comment referencing graphene supercapacitors. Reading articles on the potential there got me pretty stoked.

      1. I am going to the Toshi station to pick up some graphene supercapacitors!

    3. I read about on engadget a few months ago….I’m excited and looking forward for when they start using graphene to make batteries…faster charge+longer use=win

    4. the thing with HTC one is after two years there is a chance you batteries might hold a
      weaker charge, but in the Galaxy S4 and S3 your screen will most likely
      suffer from burn in, and hold a third less pixels than advertised.

  3. am getting One… no doubt

  4. If HTC believes that YouTube videos are the way to go as far as advertising is concerned, the One is D.O.A.

    1. … No… No this is not just not gonna be on YouTube…
      Most commercials is on YouTube anyways, not only on your TV

    2. No, they will also go over to Times Square and introduce everyone to the awesome One. One random person at a time.

      1. because Samsung’s lame attempt at a Broadway show was quite the hit with the audience, right ladies?

    3. yeah they should probably make some lame A$$ chauvinistic attempt at a broadway show with a smart phone they label a, “life companion”

  5. I wanted that ‘music’ video to end.

    1. I watched the entire thing on mute and liked what I saw :p

      1. That way you could fully appreciate the front-facing .1cm speakers, huh! Jes razzin’ ya °~°

        1. I think he was referring to something else that is front facing and comes in pairs.

  6. The marketing term “blinkfeed” is ok but “boomsound” is absolutely horrendous. I can’t believe they went to the trouble of buying Beats audio then abandoned utilizing one of the most recognized brands in sound. HTC needs to seriously look at how they’re doing crap if they want to survive. The One is absolutely beautiful bit they have made some incredible simple and obvious mistakes that could stop it’s success before it ever even gets off the ground.

  7. The boomsound commercial is great! Hoping they take advantage of it with the US ad because IMO it is the biggest selling point for the general public.

    1. Yeah, that was a dope commercial. BlinkFeed is whatever, it’s more of a bonus than a real selling point. I think if more people see the One’s front facing speakers, they’ll be swayed into purchasing.

      1. At first blush the front-facing speaker thingy seems like a good idea. When my BT stereo headsets die, I’ll have my aging hearing checked to see if there’s enough fidelity capability left to warrant another headset…

      2. I would love to know more about their dual membrane mic technology. Is that new tech in this device? Will it enable people to finally record a decent concert video on the go?

        1. my neighbor’s step-sister makes $66/hour on the internet. She has been fired for 10 months but last month her check was $12670 just working on the  for a few hours. Read more on  Ask25.c­om

      3. I think the best advertisement for me would be, “HTC One a phone so great even Sam Biddle from Gizmodo called it beautiful.” That says a lot because that guy is the biggest apple shill.

    2. I just hope that idiots on public transportation don’t go around blasting their One like everyone wants to listen to whatever they’re playing on the device…that is so annoying…its bad enough that you have to listen to idiots and their loud phone conversations… o_0

    3. Yes. This is actually why I’m deciding to upgrade to the HTC One instead of the S4. I use my phone for media purposes the most. So anything targeting media will be the best selling point for me.

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