Mar 21st, 2013

Aside from a few Verizon ad spots, it’s rare we get to see just about any HTC device getting some air time. Looks like that might soon change with a few HTC commercials popping up on YouTube. The first ad shows off HTC’s BlinkFeed feature which, sure, may sound gimmicky, but from what I’ve seen of it in person, was a handy tool for keeping up with news and social networks in a single feed. We’ve seen similar social aggregating apps from LG, but nothing that looks this slick. Here’s a quick ad spot that, judging from the accent in the video, is bound for UK markets.

Next up, we have an ad that seems a whole lot more effective at getting its point across. The commercial highlights the HTC One’s most distinctive feature and arguably one of the best reasons to own the device — its front-facing stereo speakers. Erm, otherwise known as “BoomSound.” In the commercial, you watch a variety of musical artists all playing music with their backs towards you, facing away from the crowd and microphones. Now that doesn’t make much sense, right? Later in the video they turn to face the crowd and it finally clicks, “Why do our smartphones place their speakers on the back of the device?” BOOM(Sound).

Finally, we have a music video where the HTC One makes a cameo appearance. Looks like HTC has paired up with the musical duo Hollaphonic for the official music video to their electro single “I Don’t Want It To End.” Can’t say I’m a fan of this kinda music, so I’ll withhold my critique there. I will say the video features a lot of sexy women with an even sexier smartphone. Take a look.

What’s more interesting is HTC’s new marketing strategy. I mean, it’s no “Official sponsor of the 2012 Olympics,” but it’s definitely a start. You can argue removable batteries and SD card slots all day, but it’s no secret that Samsung’s wild success with their Galaxy line of devices was the millions of dollars they poured into advertising it. While there’s no way HTC has a budget for an ad blitz of that caliber, I guess they could keep hitting Samsung lines showing off the HTC One in hopes of swaying potential customers.

[via HTC Blog | HTCSource]

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