LG thinks Samsung might be infringing on their eye-tracking patents


You might recall that only hours before Samsung unveiled their Galaxy S4, LG announced an update for their LG Optimus G Pro that would introduce Smart Video among other features. Smart Video sounds surprisingly similar to the Smart Pause function later demoed for the GS4 — turn your eyes away from the display and video playback automatically pauses. LG thinks the two are so similar, in fact, that they believe Samsung might be infringing on some of their patents.

It’s all part of a growing game of cat and mouse between the two Korean technology companies. LG, like many, anticipated Samsung would unveil eye-tracking features in their latest flagship. Now they will see how the underlying tech holds up against patents dating back to 2005 (though one specifically related to video playback was filed in 2009). Samsung denies any infringement, naturally, saying their process takes advantage of different innovations.

LG has been getting more and more aggressive when it comes to their biggest local competitor. Apart from announcing the new Optimus G Pro update on the same day as the Galaxy S4’s coming out party, the company also plastered billboards around Times Square reading “LG Optimus G is here 4 you now,” a play on Samsung’s own “Be ready 4 the next Galaxy” signage. In this case, a patent lawsuit could create far more headaches for Samsung than a billboard ever could.

[via The Verge]

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  1. Take it easy LG… You don’t want to lose any of the few fans you have

  2. lololol they’re just trying to get attention. First they announced theirs right after Samsung, now they’re claiming they infringed. Seems more like a pathetic plea for attention to me.

  3. LG sucks. If it wasn’t for the nexus 4 they’d be down there with Apple in my book.

    1. They are already down there in my opinion. LG has the balls to call out Samsung for the eye tracking technology but when you compare the Optimus G Pro and the Galaxy S3/Note 2, you clearly see that LG blatantly copied Samsung, even down to the flip cover. LG can go kick rocks.

  4. Why don’t they just change their name to Apple instead of LG?

    1. Because Apple would sue them

  5. they’re just pissed that their flash ship is going unnoticed. i can’t even remember what that flash ship phone is.

    1. I’m right along with you here. I’ll even go so far as to say that I don’t even know what a “flash ship” is!

      1. Lol, Swype isn’t the most accurate of keyboard and I’m terrible at proof reading.

  6. Am I wrong, or isn’t there a whole lot of Optimus G owners still on ICS?

    1. Dude… I am an Optimus G Jellybean User with 13Megapixel camera!

  7. Oh Jesus tap dancing Christ, I am so sick of this crap!!!

  8. The first “smartphone” I had was this crappy LG touch screen on AT&T. The store I went to was sold out of iPhones (this was back in EARLY 2009) and they convinced me to pick up this LG piece of crap and said it was basically like an iPhone and I’d like it. Well it was a FEATURE phone mostly as it had limited internet capabilities and no apps, just preloaded apps like AT&T TV. God I wish I could remember what the phone was called but I had such an unpleasant experience with the hardware and software on it it will be many years before I ever consider getting an LG. (I’m sure I would have liked the phone had it been an Android but…)

  9. Isn’t LG currently on the receiving end of a lawsuit from Samsung for AMOLED screen tech?

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