Mar 19th, 2013

Samsung is reportedly shopping their Galaxy Note 3 around to carrier with a meeting scheduled between the manufacturer and high ranking officials at AT&T later this week. The showcase, which will feature a mockup of the upcoming phone, will take place in South Korea.

We don’t expect to hear much about goes on during the private meeting, but heading into the affair The Korea Times  reports that Samsung is planning to show off a 5.9-inch handset, a screen size initially suggested for the phone but has since been replaced with rumors of a 6.3-inch device. That 6.3-inch device is apparently still in the works, just not as the Galaxy Note 3. The larger phone would be a budget model, believe it or not.

Samsung isn’t expected to unveil the next Note until later this year, likely sometime in August ahead of an early fall launch. The Note 3 is expected to follow in the footsteps of the Galaxy S4, providing a larger display in a form factor that is the same size or smaller than its predecessor.

[via UnwiredView]


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