Report: Samsung meeting with AT&T execs to showcase Galaxy Note 3


Samsung is reportedly shopping their Galaxy Note 3 around to carrier with a meeting scheduled between the manufacturer and high ranking officials at AT&T later this week. The showcase, which will feature a mockup of the upcoming phone, will take place in South Korea.

We don’t expect to hear much about goes on during the private meeting, but heading into the affair The Korea Times  reports that Samsung is planning to show off a 5.9-inch handset, a screen size initially suggested for the phone but has since been replaced with rumors of a 6.3-inch device. That 6.3-inch device is apparently still in the works, just not as the Galaxy Note 3. The larger phone would be a budget model, believe it or not.

Samsung isn’t expected to unveil the next Note until later this year, likely sometime in August ahead of an early fall launch. The Note 3 is expected to follow in the footsteps of the Galaxy S4, providing a larger display in a form factor that is the same size or smaller than its predecessor.

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  1. Damn huge!

  2. bigger is not better for phones…. pretty soon we are going to be carrying tablets as phones if this goes on

    1. The beauty about Android is that your not obligated to get the Note. You have other options, so let my Note series be. I use it less as a phone but mainly as a media device so it works great for me.

      1. I couldn’t agree with you more. You have choices people. No one is forcing you to get the Note 3. Many of us welcome the increase in size.

  3. I hope they keep the next Note at the current 5.5inches!!! Enough is enough with the ginormous screens getting bigger & bigger!!!

    But if the Note 3 maintains the 5.5in screen, and has the Snapdragon 800, I just might get it.

  4. Thinking that the Note 3 will be my next…

  5. now I can see myself upgrading to the Galaxy Note 3 from my Galaxy S3! just wondering if 5.9in is too big…

    1. Maybe, I love my Note 2 though. Unlike the <5" phones these behemoths need some bezel for one handed use (which I rarely do, and why the Note 2 works for me) I think it's too big, but Samsung may surprise us.

    2. Same here. I’m not concerned about 5.9 being too big though. The Note 2 pretty much requires you to use two hands, the Note 3 won’t be too much different. I just hope that it has the flexible screen tech!

  6. Snapdragon 800!!!!!
    Research it people!!! It’s a beast of a processor, it will unlock capabilities in smartphones that we aren’t accustomed to.

  7. If they keep the physical phone size but increse the screen to 5.9″ won’t be a problem for me upgrade…

  8. Give me LTE and the Octa Core. Perhaps I might consider purchasing it over over the next Nexus or Google phone.

  9. That is good news about the form factor staying the same but making the screen bigger. I will definitely buy it if thats the case. I love the current size of my note 2 and wouldn’t go any bigger.

  10. Make it the Galaxy Note Nexus so that we can get updates promptly and it can work with a variety of carriers. Otherwise I might just wait for the Nexus 5.

  11. you know what, I just recently played with the Galaxy Note 2 and I can honestly say if Samsung somehow makes the Bezel smaller, I can easily see myself upgrading to the 5.9in behemoth. The Note 2 didn’t seem that large at all in my hand.

  12. I have the note 2 and I love it. The best phone/phablet ever. This is the prefect size, like someone said if they can keep the physical size the same and fit 5.9 inches in it them so be it. But I love it as is. Android to death

  13. If the phone is 7″ I’ll still get it.

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