LG sticks it to Samsung with Times Square billboard


This one made us chuckle. Samsung has been busy taking over Times Square in the lead up to their big Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement to take place at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall. With either a sense of humor or desperation, LG has taken the opportunity to post their own billboard in the busy NYC district.

The sign reads “LG Optimus G is here 4 you now,” an obvious play on Samsung’s “Be Ready 4 the Next Galaxy.” The LG ad is even stylized to look like Samsung’s. We’re not sure it will help the company sell any more phones, but it’s nice to see the maker of the Optimus series step it up a bit and put the screws to their homeland competitor. Well played, LG. Well played.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Ehh, I’d still prefer the Samsung, even though I haven’t seen it.

    1. Come on, you are now the sheep you once despised

      1. exactly what I was thinking…smh

      2. Meh. I wouldn’t blame anyone for not wanting to buy an LG product. Besides a monitor, I haven’t bought LG to products in 5 or 10 years. Since my last LG phone. Brought back a LG slide out phone 6 times to the verizon store, each having the same problems. I eventually got them to give me a different phone, courtesy of their now extinct lemon policy. Previous to that I had problems with other LG phones.

      3. How does that make me a “sheep?” Because I prefer Samsung over LG and still stick with Android? Was I still a sheep when I had the Evo 4G, Nexus S 4G, BlackBerry Torch, or Evo LTE? I don’t quite think so.

        Try again.

  2. It is also a play on Samsungs “The next big thing is already here” or whatever they used to call the campaign for the S3.

    Very well played indeed…

  3. LG advertising…

    Nice. Now if we can get HTC and Moto to do some of that, we’ll be set. (well, it’d be a start at least)

  4. Its refreshing to see two companies fighting through advertising and innovation rather than litigation. This is the smartphone war that I imagined.

    1. These are the droids we were looking for.

    2. Though Samsung does need to sue LG because they have clearly been just taking and taking from Samsungs design booklet in every way possible lol

  5. LG learning dirty tricks from Samsung. This is hilarious :D

  6. At this point, if I see the LG ad, I’ll just assume it’s a Samsung ad. LG Should have played this game earlier for it to be effective. Now it just looks like they’re trying to mooch off Samsung’s record advertising expenses. It’s all funny nonetheless. If Samsung did this to Apple’s ad, you can bet on Apple summoning extra terrestrials to wage that thermonuclear war Jobs wanted.

    1. Same thing I was thinking. I would just assume they are both for Samsung If i were to just walk past it.d

  7. I like LG’s sense of humor and I’m hoping Samsung also got a chuckle from it

  8. First LG copies Samsung’s smartphone design, now they are copying their billboards. Crazy!

    1. Samsung’s designs are pretty bland. You can’t say that’s a design to begin with.

      1. Haha

  9. its funny that they spent money on making this ad….because you know they havent sold phones since the chocolate

    1. The chocolate sucked I had that.thing trades it for the Motorola Q

    2. Come on Shola. They must have sold a few of those 3G Nexus 4’s.

  10. Stupid waste of money. Selling tix to Sam’s show.

  11. hahahaha

  12. First Apple was LG’d now Samsung. Gotta love their ads

  13. I walked past this, actually thought they were both for samsung.

  14. :O Yay, Bucca di Beppo is now open!! <3

  15. Now that’s up yours Sammy!

  16. I wonder if they will come out with an Oreo version?

  17. Why the Optimus and not the nexus?

  18. Lg should write..
    No updates 4 you..:P

    1. You win sir! End of thread

  19. I just got my first smartphone last month. It’s the Opimus G. I’m very pleased with it. I’ll like it even better once a stable CM 10.1 is released.

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