Mar 18th, 2013

Call Matt Moneymaker, Bobo, and the rest of the Finding Bigfoot crew, there’s been another Sasquatch sighting. This time, however, it’s not the elusive creature of legend. No, it’s a new Motorola handset, one potentially falling under the X Phone brand. Also popping up are devices codenamed “Yeti” and “Ghost.”

The codenames all show up via various benchmarks, and in all cases are tied to AT&T. The Yeti and Sasquatch are the two with the least amount of details to go along with their names. Both devices will run at least Android 4.2, the Sasquatch registering Android 4.2.2. In terms of hardware, there is little to go off of.

The Ghost, however, seems to be the Motorola XT912A, a recently leaked smartphone that speculation says gives us our first look at Google’s influence on the handset maker. The Ghost/XT912A isn’t expected to be the actual flagship X Phone model. Its specs are more akin to last year’s top tier of devices, but it should provide a good mix of power and affordability.

While the devices are all tied to AT&T’s network, this is likely just for testing purposes. Most rumors point to Motorola’s next generation of phones being targeted at all four major US carriers. And unlike the real thing, this Sasquatch has a much better chance of getting caught on camera soon enough, blurry or not.

[via DroidLife]