Mar 15th, 2013

You burnt out on Samsung Galaxy S4 news yet? Good. We have one more little tidbit of news you might find interesting. If you watched the live stream, you may remember Samsung touting the Galaxy S4’s all new S Health application and a variety of accessories that would bring additional functionality to the app. Things like a Nike Fuelband-esque wearable wrist strap and a body scale that syncs up to S Health and yells at you with the voice of JK Shin for putting on weight (maybe not).

Well, if that whole health thing isn’t really your cup of tea (I wouldn’t blame you), maybe this is. A prototype gaming controller was spotted on the showroom floor, looking like a cross between an Xbox controller and something out of Nintendoland. Actually, the controller — which doesn’t even have a formal name as of yet (I’d guess “S Controller”) — shares a lot more in common with the MOGA we showed you guys a few months back. The controller comes with the standard 4-button layout along the front, 2 analogs and a d-pad, left and right shoulder buttons, and a hefty clamp up top for fitting a wide variety of Android devices (yes, even the Note 2 but Note 8.0 is pushing it). Have to admit it’s pretty slick.

To compliment the controller was a gaming hub application packed with a variety of games that no doubt offer S Controller functionality out of the box. We’ll have to wait and see what Samsung’s plans are regarding this little accessory as far as pricing and availability, but let’s just hope this forgotten like the wireless charging accessory for the original Galaxy S3.

[via Engadget]

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