Samsung delivers four minute overview of the Galaxy S4 [VIDEO]


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Need another look at the Samsung Galaxy S4? Samsung has prepared its own 4-minute overview of its latest flagship smartphone, showing off the new hardware alongside new TouchWiz features such as Air View, Smart Pause, Dual Camera and more. If that hour-long stage play of a press conference is too much for you and you just want the condensed, down to the point version then be sure to check the video out above. Oh, and don’t forget that our own hands-on with the device is up so you’ll want to check that out as well.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The announcement would have been better if they played this video.

    Just this video and nothing else.

    1. Samsung likes to put on a big show. These events are a major source of entertainment for the type of crowd they are going after. If you’ve watched the Apprentice, you’d know it is par for the course.

  2. These features don’t matter.. root that b*tch and put stock on it

    1. If that’s what you plan on doing then you might as well buy a device that is more premium in the build quality department. In fact, that is really the only difference between any of these phones that are currently coming out. If you want to put stock on ANY phone you buy, then just buy the one that has the hardware that you cannot live without. For example, I want a great camera and a premium looking device, thus I will buy the One and forgo sense for stock. If you want a 5″ piece of plastic that also doubles as an $800 remote for your TV, buy the GS3s.

      1. I won’t buy a phone now that has any buttons on it and that is including HTC One. I love customizing my N4 Nav buttons especially with Paranoid Android ROM! I was just simply saying if I did have this phone.. that’s what I’d do or recommend to a friend.

  3. It’s funny so many people worry what the phone is made of when you have a case on it you can’t see it any way.

    1. so true plus i like the plastic phones metal dents and effects nfc and glass well we all know about glass now this one is supposed to be polycarbonite (bullet proof glass) it should be strong functional and feel nice.

      1. Yep, and also a phone with a removable battery will withstand impact much better because the energy from the impact is absorbed as the phone breaks into two or three pieces, battery cover, battery, main chassis. I don’t recall many phones with a removable battery with a non plastic cover, but I think the Nexus One battery cover was a little slide on aluminum cover. For me, build quality not only means that it feels good and solid in the hand, but also that it is rugged enough to survive drop and shock. Nothing wrong with a PC/ABS battery cover.

      2. And plastic scratches quickly. Difference is plastic feels cheap in the hand. Not knocking the phone but it would be nice to see them make something other than the glossy plastic. That aside it will still sell just fine.

    2. EXACTLY!
      I always have and always will have a silicone cover on my phone. This covers the back and the sides anyway.

    3. I never use a case… so yeah that doesn’t resolve the issue.

    4. I don’t use cases.. love a naked phone. my phones never scratch either cause i refuse to buy phones that scratch easy. also, don’t use screen protectors.

  4. I’m probably going to be disliked because of this but I don’t see the point of bashing the s4.Besides looking similar to the s3 it packs way more features like air view while having a big little processor that will be beast in battery. Sure the HTC one has “better build quality” but that’s all it has. in this day I would rather have better software than hardware plus the s4 has a removable battery and a SD slot for up to 64GB. I’m personally thinking to buy this phone or the x phone as my next.

    1. Agreed. This phone is exactly what the target audience Samsung is going for wants. If people want a different experience there is lots of very top quality phones offering just that. Yeah Samsung could still use some new people in the UI design section, but the phone is quickly recognizable as a Galaxy phone, which is what they want. They want people to see it and go “oh that’s a galaxy.” I’m not sure what all the hate is about. My next device will be a Nexus, but this does offer a lot of neat things. I’m currently on a S3 and hope some of these features get backported.

      1. Yeah, this phone is definitely going to win the phone of the year again. The features are freakin amazing all in a nice package with sd and remov batt. I’m sure there are way more features we do not know about. As i said, any company can put the hardware together for a phone but Samsung delivers the best software hands down. Also screen, cpu lol.

      2. Touchless gestures is a big deal. There are all kinds of websites that require hovering over something.

  5. I love my s3 but this looks kinda tempting. But i am very curious as to what this X phone may offer! The HTC one looks nice but 1 thing for me is battery life, I want either droid razr maxx like battery or a removable battery!

  6. i would buy it if i didn’t have the s3 but with it beng so similar there is no good enough reason to upgrade the new screen hover feature is nice but not enough and alot of the software changes will come to the s3

  7. If Samsung calls full plastics “premium finish” and that ugly backing “stylish design”… I dont know what they should call the hTC One…

    1. I guess “premium finish” and “stylish design” is to the viewer’s opinion.
      Perhaps the Samsung staff think the design is so good :P

      Yup, I like the HTC One better then the weird curves that came after S2.
      Can’t bring myself to like S3 so can’t say about S4.
      Satisfied with my S2 with CM10.1 at the moment.

    2. I call the HTC One “a phone without SD or removable battery”

      That’s the only way they will realize why nobody is buying their phones.

      1. When I realize HTC One lacked those 2 its -1 for HTC and +1 for Samsung and both are on par.

        Now, does the Sony phones have those 2 features?
        At least the Xperia Z has a micro SD slot (and a nice design + a more dev friendly Qualcomm chip I suppose).

  8. Here’s my overview of the $amesung GIII S. Again we bring to you the same………same Home button [NASTY] with the SAME soft keys either side. Again we bring a load of useless gimmicks. Again some BIG sounding specs – Octa-core ? yet its still apparently lags on the dialer same as the S3 [this is pointed out in a video on GSM Arena]

  9. “premium finish… but only on the outer rim”

  10. Samsung probably kept the design similar because they couldn’t be fucked with Apple hassling them

  11. would be nice (and if there is such a thing, let me know) if someone would include a small-non intrusive button below the volume rocker or where ever for screen locking-unlocking. just one button. I dont use the option as its too annoying. but it would be convenient.

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