Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S4 at the Unpacked event in New York [VIDEO]


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You may have seen from our arrival post early this afternoon letting you guys know that our own Kevin Krause would be reporting from the Samsung Unpacked event in New York for the unveiling of the all new Samsung Galaxy S4. We’re sure you already know all the ins and outs of the device by now and seen it from every angle. We’ll be getting much more acquainted with the Galaxy S4 in the coming weeks for our full on review, but in the meantime, if you were curious to see what the Samsung Galaxy S4 looked like in 30fps, you can check out our quick hands-on video below.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. htc puts time into design and camera, But Samsung puts time into software and adding their own new hardware.

    1. so…ZOE and BlinkFeed aren’t software?

      1. There’s a difference between useful, and gimmicky software…

        1. Indeed, but Samsung just seems to be brute forcing it by adding a whole lot of both useful and gimmicky software. Options are never bad though, so I’m not complaining. I can’t wait until someone lease the S4 ROM so XDA can start porting the new TW features to the Note 2 B-).

    2. Samsung has a great camera also, they just don’t focus their whole phone around it like HTC and Nokia. The SIV has some cool camera features, just like the One has ZOE.

  2. So I’m thinking we’ve been getting brainwashed by Apple and their marketing/looks. What happen to the times when specs mattered most to Android fans? Is it because android phones are now on a different level than Apple, they’re only competing against themselves?

    1. That’s exactly it. While everyone can agree that they hate Apple, there’s a civil war brewing with Android fanboys where they pick an OEM to side with, and stick with them.

      Just as the world would suck if Apple had all the world’s smartphone market share, same goes with Samsung. As for me, I always root for the underdog :p

      1. I like a good underdog story thats why im pulling for LG.

        1. Nexus Balboa…

        2. LG needs to get out of Samsung’s shadow for the past year all they have been doing is copying Samsung down to the smallest detail. They need to do something Samsung hasn’t done to top them.

      2. I don’t root for the underdog. The whole idea of android was that it would unleash ridiculous levels of innovation that would wipe out everything else.

        1. And it’s usually the underdogs that don’t get lazy and innovate. Like HTC introducing front facing speakers on the One (something that should become a standard). Or Motorola with the 3,500mAh RAZR MAXX (something that should also become a standard).

      3. Nothing wrong with rooting for the underdog, I do as well but on the other side of the coin Samsung has made a killer phone. Better specs all around in a smaller foot print. That is innovation. Speaking of innovations, Samsung is killing it. To me I want to see all OEM’s succeed but I will not spite myself and not buy the best device out there. HTC One is a great phone but to me the camera isn’t going to touch the camera on the SGS4, it’s not even as good as the camera on the SGS3. The 2600 MHz removable battery, int memory choices with sd card support. Come on Chris, you have to give Samsung their due, they are spending a ton of cash on research and innovation which is great for Android on a whole. The dev support for the Samsung phone is the best, that says allot right there. There are a bunch of great Android phones to be had, LG pro, HTC One, SGS4, there are at least 5 more that are great. Isn’t it great to have these choices for Android. I think out of all right now the SGS4 is my phone of choice, the LG pro is bad ass but don’t think it’s coming to US Carriers.
        Keep up the good work Chris.

      4. I do like rooting for underdogs, but Samsung constantly puts out the phones I like the most. They are not only the big daddy of Android but they are THE hardware leader and they continue to stay with removable batteries and SD card slots which makes me so happy.

        With Samsung being as big as they are they are tough to beat, since they are not just a phone company but a company that actually designs and makes the actual hardware such as the screens, flash memory, and Custom cpus they have a huge advantage of always being on top of the latest tech.

        But i do hope competition increases just to keep them honest, but they already have a huge lead and still haven’t resorted to crappy moves like proprietary cables or taking away SD slots/batteries access.

        1. love your icon lol

      5. Chris, every OEM has the same game rules, if HTC, Sony or LG can not catch the right spot that is their own big problem.
        Samsung simply is showing what Android can do when you put money and a big tech company behind it and users simply like it.
        And yes, it is sad about the civil war feeling, but I think things will be worse between HTC/LG and Samsung and I am pretty sure we will see new court cases between them instead more innovation and investment.
        BTW it looks like Samsung is the only one interested to overcome Apple and set new and real Android features and in the mean time HTC and Sony and pushing to bring Android users more to the level of “high-class” users just like Apple did.
        Competition is the only way that we can see innovation and it start with ideas.

      6. First paragraph is true. As for me, i root for the overall best option which i believe is the Galaxy S IV.

      7. Yea i have noticed that as well especially lately since the Galaxy S4 rumors started brewing, all the HTC fan boys attacked the S4

      8. I for one actually am considering the HTC One over the S4. i am surprised since i have the S3 and loved my S2 as well. but the One’s design is just beautiful. and at this point i think phones hardware is getting ridiculous but this is a competetive market so it’s gonna happen no matter what,

    2. One of the android companies will eventually come out on top and right now it looks like samsung but htc is really tryi.ng to contend with the one lg is is on the grind i hate motorola but there their.

  3. I would prefer to see viginas-on s4.

    1. wat

      1. What do you have against viginas, bro? O_o


    I haven’t seen a single hands on video actually demo this great feature :(

    1. That’s what I’ve been asking

    2. I think they didn’t preview anything that was previously on the S3 because it was a given that everything from the S3 would be on the S4… At least, that’s what I’m thinking.

    3. I really doubt the S4 has not multiwindows…

  5. Heard the GS4 runs a PS4 inside.

    1. I also heard that it charges by consuming the souls of kittens.

      1. it would be weird if it didn’t

  6. So can I now preordained the HTC One tomorrow?

  7. Now looks like the most important innovation feature is just metal body and design…
    S4 is a big step forward in software features for any Android device, functionality and interaction, also it is bringing the right step forward in hardware evolution, 1080 screen, octa or quad core, 13mpx camera, etc… but the most important now seems to be the design and metal body…
    Gesture and Smart features, along the new S Health functionality look, in my opinion, more important than just a body design.

  8. 2 things that nobody, at least from the 20 sites I frequently visit, has covered thus far if it has lockscreen widgets or multi-user. Inquiring minds what to know .. hmm

  9. Alright the drama is over. Did anyone but me realize that today is PI day? 314. I’ll probably end up with the S4 if it lives up to all the hype.

  10. Do a S4 vs Note 2 please. Though I know already im waiting for the Note 3, i’m just curious. Wondering if the S4 camera is gonna be better then Note 2’s which suffers from high ISO/noise issues with low lighting and poor software implementation of the flash and color balance. My Note 1 took better pictures all around then my Note 2, which greatly dissapointed me.

  11. Anyone else feel like all samsung did was take the most popular apps on the markets and integrate their own versions into their touchwhiz with the exception of the dual camera feature thats unique

  12. I feel like the phone in this video is watching me. In the way that Mona Lisa looks at you from any angle.

  13. This phone is just a Note2 with A LOT of software gimmicks that might never be used that will also bog the CPU down. Maybe that’s why it needs eight cores.

    Too bad Sammy is going to pour money on the marketing and it will still outshine the One.

    HTC for better or worse made a killer phone, but sales will most certainly disappoint because it doesn’t have the money to spend on marketing.

    Also Samsung has been treating the dev community like crap for a while now, and devs are leaving left and right. I’m still amazed after reading the Exynos Saga.

  14. here is what I see. everyone else is standing still and Samsung is moving forward. AMOLED low power consumption built in. interaction with devices like tvs game controllers etc. Samsung is on a whole new level. I have a RAZR, dual core bad battery, wifi reception just ok Does it have connectivity to other ,other phones and other devices ? NOPE. This phone is on a whole new level. Amen for not being vanilla and trying to get by like Motorola. These guys are pushing the envelope.

  15. I think the other point being missed is a lot of folks like having an sd card option, so side with the company that provides the option. Both Google and HTC appear like Apple wannabes without the option.
    Ditto on people liking non-fixed batteries, so perhaps part of siding with a device is the options on the device and not the actual company itself.

  16. The anti-shake software stabilization in the video review is trippy to watch…

  17. Honestly, I think this phone looks significantly better than the S3. The S3’s bezel was significantly thicker and the sides were rounded giving it a comical look. The S4 is actually smaller than the S3 and has a larger screen and full HD resolution. I think hardware wise this phone is a win in every category. I’d like to see the quality of the camera sensor, but other than that I see no reason to go with an HTC One over the S4. The microSD and removable battery alone make me want the S4 over the One.

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