Video demos show off Galaxy S4 floating touch, Smart Pause, and more


Sorry to spoil you fun, Samsung, but between a set of images leaked last night and these leaked video demos there are few mysteries left regarding the Galaxy S4. Just as has been speculated, the GS4 will feature all sorts of new methods of interaction, including floating touch (Galaxy Note’s Air View sans S Pen), Smart Pause, and what appears to be some touch-free gestures for navigating the browser (we’re not sure if this is Smart Scroll or not).

We’ll be trucking up to NYC in a matter of hours to take our place among the throng of people eagerly awaiting Samsung’s official announcement. Stay tuned throughout the day for up-to-the-minute coverage of Samsung’s latest and greatest.

[via SammyHub]

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  1. I really wanted the floating touch. I like

    1. why do you want to float rather than touch lol, i guess i dont get it

      1. Well this is adds another dimension. Its already on the Note 2 with a stylus and allows for things like context menus and selection previews allowing for more a full computing experience.

      2. internet browsing as an example: Since most websites don’t have a mobile view, if you hover over links, you can see what you’re actually about to hit before you touch it so you don’t select the wrong link… or, websites with drop down menus, it functions as the mouse pointer so those drop down in full so you can select what’s underneath.

  2. If this truly is the Galaxy s4….I won’t even watch the Unpacked event..

    1. I’m sure they will make it look way more impressive in the show! :) I’ll watch it just to enjoy the show itself….

    2. It is already..come on

      1. It’s NOT already…come on…this video has not proven anything.

        There are rumours of a repackaged S3…so I won’t believe until I see.

        1. Looks substantially bigger than a s3 but who knows. Pretty much everything lines up perfectly with this one.

          1. Dom is desperately hoping samsung hasn’t copied apples business strategy. It has…

        2. It is already haha ;)

  3. Chinese are blurry cam aholes.

  4. Ouch… I think we just watched a mini-unpacked event.

  5. Only Floating Touch is ready for the market (Note users have been enjoying it for a while now). The rest is half-baked, and releasing them into the wild won’t do any good to Samsung.
    Was it that hard to un-pause video when you look at it again?
    Scrolling by waving your hand in front of the phone is stupid. I’ve had that feature in my VAIO’s gallery for 2 years now, and at least it makes sense there – when you laptop plays a role of a photo frame at your desk. But waving hands instead of just swiping your finger, really? Why don’t you implement a two hand gesture to zoom in – then people will look like gynecologists, or mimes.

  6. S***t i hope this is not the gs4, i will be very disappointed if it is! Samsung will be pushing people into HTC one if this is in fact the gs4, i am really praying that is not.

    1. New best phones come and go all the time. I don’t remember a single manufacturer scoring the “most sold handset” title many years in a row. Some good ones may get a couple of great handsets in a row and then they get arrogant or just think: “this is it – for forever”, until something better comes out… It always happens.

      I pray with you brother, but I also fear for the worst!

  7. That dude stole my Commodore 64 keyboard.

    Hey man, thats not cool :P

  8. Hey, another one. When it auto-pauses they should have make the phone say in annoying teenage girl’s voice – “You were not looooking-eh!!!”

  9. Its cool when you want to show it off to your iphone friends but at the end of the day its just a gimmick.

    1. Agreed. These are features that will be used by many for a few minutes, then used by a very few for a while. I’ll still hack it and put AOKP on it. Those features don’t interest me. it truly isn’t difficult to tap the screen to pause a video. The floating touch, I may use for a couple days, but still a gimmick.

      1. The floating touch isn’t a gimmick. It’s very useful in Web browsing with pull down menu’s mostly. I use it all the time with my note 2.

      2. Hover is a fundamental problem on the web and media player apps.

    2. Yea. Now it’s what manufacture is bringing out the best gimmick. I’m still envious that HTC has internet pass through where you can connect it via USB to a computer and get internet through the device.

  10. I didn’t realize Samsung would go the apple route and release the same phone 2 years in a row with just few new features, if this really is the s4,i won’t be buying Samsung phones anymore, how very disappointing.

    1. Why do you need a dramatic redesign? It would be stupid for Samsung to change a design formula that is obviously working for them. Minor outer tweaks with improvements on the inside is obviously the smart thing to do. Do car manufacturers completely redesign their cars every year? No, they do minor tweaks and save major redesigns for like once every 5 years. Plus aren’t the new features, screen technology and internal specs the really important aspects of a new phone? Your focus is backwards.

      Since you wont be buying Samsung phones anymore, hope you start enjoying built in non-removable batteries and no memory expansion slots with HTC and Nexus.

      1. I don’t want to have the same exterior design for a phone, do you? It’s nice to see at least a little bit of change. Who here actually likes a physical homebutton? Oh wait, no one does. Then why doesn’t Samsung change it?

      2. wow, was it really necessary to come at me in such a pretentious way? I understand, your case, and the phone’s internals are pretty impressive, but you could have put it a more eloquent way instead of being a complete Alazon.

  11. I still suspect that these are just R&D development units other than the actual device. This is too ugly to be the next S4.

  12. Has anyone actually seen a photo of the “about phone” section in the settings menu from this guy? Aren’t those leaks always the first to prove “this is the phone”?

    Surely he is just showing off a new version of Galaxy S3, like Samsung did with Galaxy S2.

    I refuse to believe this is Galaxy S4, until I’m proven wrong tonight!

    I haven’t seen a single screenshot/photo where this phone says that it is the phone.. the fella can say whatever he wants!

  13. At least the gays will now have a phone

    1. I think the iphone already fits the bill

    2. I don’t seem to see anything gay about this device.

  14. i like the floating touch..! is soo cool!

  15. I saw someone left this link on Engadget to Sammobile saying its an S4 prototype. i guess its all speculation until the unveiling tonight.


  16. Sheesh I could see that smart pause getting old REAL QUICK. Floating touch seems pretty cool!

  17. The first part of the second video, is him explaining how he likes small, American girls for his wallpaper.

  18. None of these fuzzy videos are the S4. Pa-Lease. If you really had one, wouldn’t you go out of your way to prove it? Show the box, show the S4 logo etc, etc. I agree, this is all part of the fun of a new phone. The Asian’s must get a chuckle how we ooh and aah!! LOL :)

  19. you people are dumb with the blurry comments hit the resolution tab and crank that baby up. wow super duper amazing hd+d+ BS

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