No chump change: Samsung spent big on marketing in 2012


The last year has seen the Galaxy brand develop from just another non-iPhone smartphone to perhaps the biggest Android brand. The name has become synonymous (or in some cases, more recognizable) than the Google mobile platform it runs. It’s no coincidence, then, to learn that Samsung was the biggest spender among mobile manufacturers on advertising in 2012.

The Korean company shoveled out $401 million to aid in promoting their handset business, an increase from a meager $78 million 2011. In comparison, Apple spent $333 million. The next three biggest spenders, HTC, Blackberry, and Nokia, don’t even add up to an amount near the top two. In fact, those three companies all saw a decrease in marketing costs from 2011 to 2012 (a fact that HTC has plans to rectify in the new year).

Where ever the money is going, Samsung must be doing something right. The company is set to launch their next flagship handset tomorrow, and the hype has simply been overwhelming.

[via WSJ]

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  1. They the man.

    1. they = plural. man = singular. u = fail.

      1. *You

        1. +1,000

  2. im more surprised tha blackberry had an advertising budget.

  3. They wouldn’t have to spend so much on advertising if they put Exynos in the US models!

    1. The 95% of the population who bought samsung phones wouldn’t have known the difference between a Exynos and a hamster with a wheel. Can you imagine ads featuring Exynos as the headline of the commercials? Right over everybody’s heads except 25 year old geeks.

      This is why so many companies with good products don’t do PR. Its expensive. For many companies $400 million is more than their annual revenue.

  4. I mentioned this over 2 years ago. In order to beat Apple at its own game, marketing has to be a priority. I’m glad to see Samsung was able to figure that out. Other brands like HTC, Asus and Sony need to work on their marketing budget. Moto needs to rebrand as showing a phone stuck inside a “robot body” (friend’s words) doesn’t make for a compelling reason to buy their hardware.

    1. That is the only reason apple was ever on top is their extensive marketing. ive always thought their product were overpriced pieces of s#!t after i bought an ipod back in 2005 i when i learned how locked down their products were. my car got broken into and my backpack was stolen. in it had my laptop, my book with all my cds, and software disks. i thought at least my music is on my ipod i can recover it and burn it on my sisters computer. oh how i was wrong once connecting it gave me an option connect to her computer and wipe everything clean or lust leave it as is and never add anything new to the device. after that i just gave the piece of s#!t to my sister only for the thing to take a c#@p a few weeks later. after that i just bought a phone designed for music and never had to worry abut apple again.

  5. HTC needs to multiply their 2011 budget by at least 3 in 2013 for the one.

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