HTC One will find its way to Verizon [RUMOR]


According to sources speaking to All Things Digital, the HTC One will launch on Verizon following the release of the handset on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. It was initially believed that Verizon would not receive the phone, but it is now being reported that the reason for a delayed launch is the carrier’s strenuous testing process.

A launch on the four major US carriers completes HTC’s vision of release a single device in 2012, a true flagship that would be available on all major networks around the globe. The initial absence of Verizon triggered much speculation in light of HTC’s plans.

A device recently appearing in Bluetooth SIG filings appears tied to Verizon’s HTC One, and there remains a chance that the phone could still launch as a rebranded Droid device, possibly with some aesthetic differences but retaining all the major specs of the One.

The availability of the One, which has been delayed due to production issues, comes at a crucial time. Samsung is poised to launch their own 2013 flagship device, the Galaxy S4. HTC will need to attract as many customers away from the popular brand as possible.

[via AllThingsD]

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  1. In other words Verizon will release a “Droid” branded variant 6-8 months after the One releases on all other carriers worldwide.

    1. And it will never see an update

  2. Like I said in the other topic, The Verizon version will be called the HTC DrONE lol

    1. I’d buy a phone called the “Dr. One.”

  3. Verizon with its huge and ugly logo.. I will pass!

    1. Yeah.. passing on a logo. Derp answer…. you Lai!

  4. @snookGators1, I actually think that name goes well in there droid series, makes me think about the terminator for some reason

  5. Droid Incredible One!

  6. Sexy pie.

  7. I have a feeling Verizon will be a bunch of d-bags and force the speakers to the back so they can plaster their logo on the front.

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