New Galaxy S4 case leaks show updated design


The other day we were tipped off to a leak that showed the Galaxy S4 in bright, shiny new armor. The device could have been anything — a variant of a real Galaxy S4, a prototype with a different body to throw us off, or just anything, really — but there wasn’t much ironclad evidence pushing us in either direction. Now, it looks like that leaked design may have been corroborated by a new case leak.

Brought to us by a source of retailer MobileFun’s, this particular series of cases show a design where the camera sits atop an LED flash, and a speaker grill hole on the bottom left. That’s the same setup we saw on the aforementioned leak, and while that doesn’t necessarily give us 100% confidence that the previous leak was real — 3D modeling is quite simple for even your average Joe these days — it does have us taking the leak much more serious.

The previous case leak showed a design where the LED flash and the speaker grill flanked the camera sensor on the left and right. That bit was brought to us by retailer MobileFun. The discrepancy between now and then leaves us a bit perplexed, but the point is moot by now: we’re just a day away from Samsung’s unveiling of the Galaxy S4 in New York City, and we’ll have our eyes and hands on the real deal in person. Stick tuned to Phandroid for coverage of all things Samsung tomorrow as they look to shut down the Big Apple.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The GS4 design looks like the GS3 design to me. Am I mistaken?

    Edit: Not trying to be negative. Legitimate question.

    1. The outer shell. Like the outline. But the actual phone could be different.

    2. What do you want? A triangle phone? There’s only so much they can do while retaining a 16:9 / 720 aspect ratio.
      I’m sure it’ll be nice enough.

      1. 720 is a resolution, but yeah I agree. I for one like the curves on the S3. Very easy to hold if bottom of the phone isn’t hot as a stove.

  2. if it’s a truly GS4 case, then GS4 design is ugly, nothing new. single speaker is sucks. epic failure.

  3. IMHO, the GS4 looks like a continuation of the the GS2/GNex form factor.

  4. I like the double entendre at the end “Shut down the Big Apple”

  5. This must be the comment in the video about “It’s my favorite color”. Is this really a case? It looks more like replaceable backs.

  6. God, this can’t be the S4. It looks so horrible! Guess I will find out tomorrow!

    1. No, they’re just some multi coloured cases.

  7. Now that matches up with the newest leaked images. Unlike the last case and new image. I am so excited for tomorrows announcement.

  8. The leak had an accompanying video and as much as it showed, no way it was 3d modeled

  9. “Shut down the Big Apple”… I see what you did there. :-)

  10. Looks like I’ll be staying with my nexus 4 then

  11. HTC’s new phone actually looks better than this.

    1. Better than 6 different coloured rubber cases? I agree.

    2. Well it should do as the HTC One is the best looking phone there is. I’m due an upgrade and was waiting for S4 but think I might go fop the HTC. The reviews are great.

  12. I saw that rear design on one of Samsung’s phone patents that showed up yesterday, the same phone had software keys, I think the GS4 might have soft keys. guess well find out tomorrow

  13. That looks more like a case for my old Samsung Galaxy Apollo 3.2″ phone than a Samsung Galaxy S 4.

  14. looks like it will match the phone leaked in the video. i wouldnt expect a major departure from the S3 design. just upgraded internals.

  15. 30 minute render from the design made public yesterday…not that hard folks

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