What do you want to see in the Samsung Galaxy S4? [Forum Talk]


We’re just over 24 hours away from seeing what new wonders Samsung has to offer the world for 2013, and we couldn’t be any more excited. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will set the tone for Samsung’s strategy this year, and the company — as always — is pressured to tip the innovation scale quite a bit. With that, I’m sure many of you have an idea of what you want to see out of Samsung’s top dog, even if it’s just one feature or the whole kit and kaboodle.

Whether it be a big, bright 1080p display, a phone that finally has some sort of aluminum injected in its chassis, or Samsung’s octa-core Exynos processor unveiled back at CES, we want to know what you’re hoping for out of this thing. A few folks have already gotten that discussion going over at the Samsung Galaxy S4 section at AndroidForums.com.

If you’re looking for something to pass the time until Samsung’s ready to lift the curtains then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hop over there and drop your two cents. You could just as easily leave your thoughts in the comments section below, as well — believe me, we’re all curious to know what the world’s hoping for and expecting from Samsung as it looks to stun the mobile world tomorrow.

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  1. Note 3 please.

  2. i just want an awesome camera. i’ve so far been disappointed with what i’ve read about the HTC One X camera. i don’t care much for the exynos vs snapdragon debate.

    edit: sorry i meant HTC One camera.

    1. I had the one x and then x+ and the camera was great!! I am not a prof. per say, but it did the job!! Its on par with the nokia 920 imo, and the iphone 5, better than the S3, but a good pic to me, may be a crap pic to u.

  3. I have a HTC Sensation and I was open to the HTC One but when I learned that I couldn’t remove the battery and there was no additional sd support… I nixed that quick. Turns out that the Samsung has what I want in my next phone; 1080i, NFC, ext-sd, removable battery, latest jelly bean. Anything else I learn tomorrow is gravy. Of course, I would like the double quad-core chip but I also want to use it on my network (USA) so I will have to be content with the 600. Again, big upgrade from the Sensation, which has been a great phone and still works perfectly after unlock, root, Sensation Revolution Rom. I will try to get 2 years of use out of the SG4 and getting a phone that will likely have continued developer support is another important consideration when choosing my next phone. Coming from a cellphone that was 3 or 4 generations old, I’m bound to be pleased when I unpack my SG4. I will likely pre-order when given the chance. -Lox, T-Mobile customer San Jose, CA

  4. I’m debating how worthwhile of an upgrade this might be from my (Verizon) Galaxy Nexus. The Galaxy Nexus is the first Android phone I have ever had (prior HTC Thunderbolt and OG Droid) – that I have been truly satisfied with. It runs mostly fast enough, can store everything, is quick. Other than crappy battery life and occasional 3G / 4G switching issues, my Galaxy Nexus has been stellar.

    1. I was right there with you until I accidentally dropped my vzw gnex and shattered the screen. bought an s3 as a replacement and could not be happier. I don’t mind touchwiz and if u are a rommer, cleanrom is a stripped down touchwiz rom that will remind you of bugless beast on the gnex. The s3 blows away the gnex in speed, battery life, and display. All are ten times better at least. So provided the s4 is even better, you can’t go wrong upgrading from the gnex

      1. Well said!

      2. Thanks for the insight. I woke up this morning like it was christmas waiting for the announcement hahahaha

    2. It won’t be. Nothing beats the Nexus. Just keep dreaming of a Nexus return to VZW, in other words, Google actually supporting their customers like you an me.

  5. All I want is a nice clear display! LCD? be nice!

  6. Well this one is easy:

    1. A battery large enough to last all day, when I’m playing games, watching HD video and browsing internet. – All day!

    2.Powerful enough chip to play the latest games and all the upcoming games without stuttering and with awesome graphics!

    3. Sreen with dense enough pixels that I cannot see where one pixel ends and where the other one starts.

    4. Removable everything, starting with battery and expandable storage (such as microSD card).

    5. Universal charger support, don’t introduce new chargers! Keep it with the standard micro usb head!

    6. Don’t make it bigger than S3, leave the huge sizes for Note series!

    7. Truly scratch resistant screen, so it will _never_ get scatches!

    8. Don’t screw up the camera, I want to enjoy taking nice pictures. The pixels don’t count as much as the image quality!

    And in the end, why don’t you make it water resistant/proof and throw an e-ink display at the back, like in yotaphone.

    I think that would be a phone worth hyping for….

    1. The chargers are already pretty much universal. Just buy yourself one of the many multiport 2amp chargers.

      I finally bought the 4-port Skiva to replace my older 2-port and single-port samsung, so now I can charge a mix of 4 tablets / phones.

    2. “Don’t make it bigger than S3″

      That’s the ONE thing I’m afraid of. 5″ is too close to the 5.5” on the Note.

  7. I have to say, if it doesn’t cure cancer then it will be a disappointment.

    1. I’m sure it won’t cure stupidity either… ^

      1. How to cure stupid:
        Step 1. Put Apple maps on device.
        Step 2. Use navigation
        Step 3. Sit back and watch as people drive off bridges, thinning the herd.

        Problem solved.

        1. WOW! 3 simple steps to save the world. i never knew it was this easy but you’re right!…..Apple Maps will literally KILL anyone & everyone who uses it.

          1. :D I look at it as Darwinism just getting a little push.

  8. Not a shiny plastic back. Stock Android. Oh wait, that’s a Nexus.

  9. A different design

  10. I would like to see improvement on the screen when using the phone in sunlight. I had the OneX for a week and have to admit it was the best screen I have ever used in direct sunlight. Also I would like to see improved and smoother screen transition effects and an updated touchwiz experience. Most of all I would like to see a thinner casing with aluminum implemented into the hardware for a full total experience unlike the GS3. I know the camera is gonna be a beast but I hope the audio gets improved as well, maybe Samsung can cut a deal with Bose to kick some real butt in that area :)

  11. Exynos 5 Octa-core… that’s all I want…

  12. Camera, display battery.

  13. I know I won’t see it in the S4, but I wanted to see:
    1) A more evolved design
    2) Front-facing stereo speakers ala HTC One, vs a tiny & tinny rear speaker in a non-symetrical location
    3) Camera great in low light; don’t care so much about the megapixels when they’re almost always blurry inside even with the flash
    4) Smaller bezels by getting rid of the HOME and capacitive buttons
    5) Exynos VS Qualcomm

    Hopefully the Note3 will grant some of those wishes

  14. Built in fleshlight to go with a 1080p screen

    1. Did you really mean to say “fleshlight” or flashlight? I’m hoping freshlight because that phone would be AWESOME! Wouldn’t last long due to all the spoog but would be damn fun while it’s working! I’m picturing a Fleshlight with a display on the top so you can watch your favorite “movie” while you use your phone….

  15. Aluminum

  16. 1. Black phone. All black. Gloss or matte, i don’t care about color, most people who do put ridiculous cases on the phone anyway, i do not.
    2. 2500-3000mah battery, just not something where the device gets huge.
    3. Removable battery/micro sd such as S3.
    4. 1080p as long as the screen doesn’t get above 5″.
    5. Better low light camera and truer color. 60fps @ 1080p video would be cool. Perhaps a separate camera app with manual dlsr-like controls, kinda like the Camera FV-5 app
    6. Little software mod (i think). For screen shot, like the Galaxy Nexus, use Volume Down+Lock instead of Home+Lock for 1 handed use.
    7. Front stereo speaker would be nice.

  17. What do you want to see in the Samsung Galaxy S4? Stop all the hype! Include a bag of Oreo cookies with each sale.

    1. PFFFT Oreos, I heard Motorola X phone will come with Chips Ahoy, and Note will come with double stuff.

  18. i want to see the phone!!!

  19. A thin, light, top end build quality phone with a 4.3″ screen so I can easily use it in one hand. Also a GUI based off of stock Android, which has become FAR better than anything else out there, that includes the 3 on-screen buttons and timely updates on new releases.

    Sadly, not a single thing I want will happen with this phone.

  20. If every phone was stock, there would be no point in a ton of phones. I am fine with whatever Samsung throws on for window dressing as long as it is very well thought out and customized.

    I want a very powerful battery that gives me 15 hours min of usability with moderate video watching, recording, game playing, calling, speaker phone use, video calling, and game playing. Removable battery for sure.

    The chip should be near state of the art to help future proof it a bit. If I am buying a phone at cost I want to know it will last me for sure.

    Make the SOB tough! It should not crack/break if it is dropped from less than at least 5 feet onto concrete.

    A really good camera. I have a DSLR for when I want to take really good pictures. Stop with the dumb pixel race. Take a cue from apple and focus on the light and color sensors.

  21. 1. minimum of 3000Ma battery
    2. A better designed case that doesnt look it came free out of a box of cracker jacks
    3. Remove all the proprietary samsung crap off the phone.
    4. Stop making it bigger. 4.8 is big enough.
    5. Get rid of the giant hard to push home button.
    6. Keep the microsd card slot.
    7. waterproofing would be nice.

  22. While I don’t really want to invest in a Touchwiz device I just don’t have confidence that VZW will see a Nexus again and I’m not sure the Moto X will live up to all of our expectations. I really don’t like the Note 2 and I find it to be far too enormous to even be considered a phoned and I dread that this might be a little too close to it’s size. All that being said: I’m willing to give it a shot.

    Things I’d like to have
    1. Performance. I don’t care what guts you have in it as long as this thing is a workhorse. I want it to actually perform. I don’t want to stutter my way around games or trip over scrolling through menus. I want a smooth experience powered by blistering fast internals.

    2. Battery power! I want this thing to LAST. I want to be able to text, make a few calls, check out some apps and scroll through the net a bit without toasting my battery. I currently have a WP8 device and it does great with battery life, but I still have nightmares of the battery life of my old Thunderbolt and GNex.

    3. Developer support. This one is huge to me. I already told you that I don’t like Touchwiz, I want it off or at least themed out as soon as possible. I prefer the stock look of AOKP or something like that. I sincerely hope AOKP picks this up, that’d make me incredibly happy and almost make me buy it right now. Without a good developer community this phone is dead to me.

    4. Slightly more rugged build. My wife has dropped her S3 and beat it nearly to death. She will be getting the S4 when it comes out, but I’m still up in the air. The amount of abuse the S3 has survived is amazing. The screen is cracked, but the digitizer still works. Other than the fear of the glass exploded on it’s next drop this thing has held up way better than I ever expected. I hope they shore up the build of the S4 so that it can take a little more of a beating. I’ll probably toss it in a case immediately, because I like to protect my large investments that I’m tethered to for two years, but just in case… ya know.

  23. I need a big, beautiful screen with a battery large enough to make it through the day at 100% screen brightness. Make sure the internals are up to par with whats NEW on the market and give it STOCK Jelly Bean 4.2.2….BOOM DONE! Oh ya, couple things I forgot…..of course we need to stick with a removable battery and unless it has 32GB standard then we gotta have an SD Card slot. Ok…now I’m good.

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