Google I/O registration now open, act fast


It’s 7AM PDT on March 13th, 2013, and that can only mean one thing: Google I/O registration has officially opened. In past years, tickets have sold out at a rapid rate, despite the high price tag associated with them. Last year’s batch sold out almost instantly. This year looks to be no different as developers from around the world will flock to the annual conference to be held in San Francisco.

What can those attending expect? Plenty of great panels and learning sessions on Android development and other Google products, nightly festivities, and of course a potential free device or two along the way (last year’s group took home a Nexus 7 and the ill-fated Nexus Q).

Registration is set at a whopping $900 for general attendees and a more manageable $300 for students. You will also need a Google+ account and Google Wallet to complete the process. The price is steep, but it hasn’t deterred attendance in the past. Act quick if you want to guarantee your spot!

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  1. Internal Server Error…

  2. Tried at 7:00:00am. First attempt ended with “500 Internal Server Error”, second attempt is in progress.

  3. This is a joke I clicked immediately and it ran for 6 minutes and found nothing lol

  4. Got my first timeout (forwarded back to the registration page), trying again..

  5. second timeout… try #3!

  6. On my third timeout!

  7. it signed me out of google+ 20 seconds before registration so I probably missed my shot as a student.

  8. 1 Error and 7 Could not find ticket. Still trying…

  9. First 6 minutes passed with no available ticket. I got one on the second try, but the payment process failed; it just kept spinning. Third try failed. Got one on the fourth try, and still having payment issues; failed. Fifth try stopped before the 6 minutes. Sixth try failed. Seventh try, got a ticket, payed successfully. GOT ONE!

    1. Did it go past the “Redirecting you to the registration form.” for you?

      1. Yes, I received the email and verified that it did deduct from my credit card.

        1. Got the charge, and it said it was confirmed. But I never received an email and have been stuck at the redirect for a while now…

  10. Going on my fourth attempt…

    Getting frustrated that this is all luck, doesn’t matter when you actually sign up…

  11. If I was still in retail I may have coughed up $900. ut then you have to add flight, hotel, food and maybe a rental car and its way too much. Although it could all be tax deductible. I’ll leave this to the die-hard developers and android fans. But you can bet I’ll be watching it on youtube or live online blogs. Android rules and unlike apple, Android is actually still innovating.

  12. Google owns 80% of the world’s servers, just give this is a little more juice!

    1. Hah, maybe they should farm out their load to amazon. Or whoever the hell handles ticketmaster.

      1. Ticketmaster has their own servers and a kick-ass in-house ops team. When it comes to handling eCommerce traffic spikes, Google has got nothing on Ticketmaster.

        1. The problem is that Google only does this once a year. They are not going to devote resources for a proper eCommerce system for a one hour window.

        2. I have a love/hate relationship with Ticketmaster. They can handle a ticket rush better than any other ticketing service, but they charge WAY more than any other ticketing service.

  13. I’m in Wallet now…waiting for the payment to process…

  14. wallet failed on me

  15. Got timed out off google wallet!

  16. Anyone through?

  17. Still trying, on sixth attempt…

  18. anyone get a confirmation email from google, that is if you got a ticket?

    1. if it’s anything like getting a device/dock/charger from play during a rush, it takes up to a few hours to get confirmation emails..

      1. I’ve been scared $hitless waiting for that email, thinking they forgot about me in the rush.

        For the first time it’s nice to know it’s just Google being a little $hitty today

    2. Nope. Been waiting for 40 minutes at a page that says “Redirecting you to the registration form.”

  19. Got one after 7 tries…

  20. Got to a buy ticket page, google wallet was being lame. Rejected two of my credit cards. They still show pending on my Google Wallet page. Still searching anyways…

  21. i got google io is sold out now

  22. Anyone else get the confirmation, but not the promised confirmation email and end up sitting at a page that says “Redirecting you to the registration form.” for like 30 minutes?

  23. finally got 1 ticket, then switched over to my Nexus 4 and I used to Chrome Beta, that seem to go through just fine.

  24. 1 error, followed by 6 timeouts, then a ticket that timed out before I could pay for it, then another general timeout, then a second ticket that said it went through but forgot to send me a confirmation email, sending me to a redirect page that has been redirecting me for the last 45 minutes….

    Anybody else just a little annoyed at Google?

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