Mar 12th, 2013 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:17 pm

Although Samsung’s successor to the Galaxy S3 is set to be announced in a couple of short days, it seems the company could be prepping a refresh to the line. According to insider Eldar Murtazin, the refresh will bring about a better display, a 2,400 mAh battery, and will be outfitted with the necessary bits for wireless charging.

That’s a worthy retake on one of 2012’s best phones, and at the right price it could be even more enticing for some people than shelling out for the Galaxy S4. Of course, those who already own the Galaxy S3 won’t see the need to step up to this particular version, especially when you can take care of most of those upgrades with third-party products.

We’re not sure when to expect the refresh, but don’t be surprised if we forget all about it by the time Samsung hits New York March 14th — there are bigger, and better things to look forward to on the horizon.

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