Mar 12th, 2013

Developers the land over can prepare to be permanently switched over to the new developers’ console as Google has pushed it out of preview. Everyone had the chance to switch over before, but Google has made it the new default experience. Upon logging in developers who still happen to be on the old console can switch to the new one using a link that appears at the top of the site.

The new console has helped developers in more ways than one, with one of the biggest changes that was introduced this past October being the ability to respond to individual user review in the Google Play Store. Other new features of the console include the ability to use language-specific resources for your app’s listing for those living in other countries, new graphs to give you a more detailed look at where, how, and to which devices your apps are being downloaded, and more.

Google’s giving people time to switch over and get used to the new console before the old one is completely shut down April 15th. Since there won’t be much to do on your part except consume all the new goods you’re getting then that shouldn’t be a problem for any developer. Be sure to sign into your developer account and give it a try at your earliest convenience.

[via Google]