Samsung Galaxy S3 clears FCC with support for T-Mobile LTE


T-Mobile is just about ready to join the 4G LTE circus with the first devices enabled for the network rumored to launch later this month. This includes the LTE-enabled Galaxy S3, which recently made its way through the FCC, lending credence to a supposed March 27th (or April 3rd) launch date.

The phone features full support for TMo’s LTE Band 4 as well as the HSPA+ 850, 1700, and 1900MHz bands. For one reason or another, this version of the GS3 also features support for AT&T’s LTE Band 17. The phone gets model number SGH-T999L (a slight alteration of T-Mobile’s original GS3’s SGH-T999).

T-Mobile has been testing their LTE network in markets from Las Vegas to Kansas, though word of a wider deployment hasn’t been given. Look for the next-gen network to launch in a small number of markets alongside the release of new devices before gradually spreading to cover larger areas of the nation.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. awwwwww soooo cute! tfumble gets a year old phone!!!

    1. The S3 is still one of the best phones on the market and will continue to be an amazing device in coming years. Sure the S4 will have a way better processor but the S3 will still be considered very high-end device and is a great option for anyone looking for a powerful smartphone.

      1. yes but the s3 won’t be around long simply because the s4 will be on shelves soon. So this is really a poor decision on T-Mobile’s part. they could have waited till the S4 and saved some money

        1. Ummmm. They still sell Galaxy S2s….

          1. and i wonder how many sell. can’t tell you the last time I’ve seen a T-Mobile s2.

        2. T-Mobile can keep the S3 as a cheaper alternative to the S4. That would be like the carriers dropping the iPhone 4/4S just because the iPhone 5 is out.

          1. the cheaper alternative would be to burn up their stock of s3 rather than get new a s3 with new hardware for a feature that is right around the corner.

  2. I thought hTC One would be the first LTE phone for the T-Mobile, but now it looks like they brought back last year S3…

    1. Actually the note 2 is their first let phone its just waiting for a ota update to flip on the switch

  3. It’s like the Note all over again. T-Mobile gets the note……right before the Note 2 comes out.

  4. This phone is less than a year old,& is still new enough in the general public’s eye,not to mention that it will come @ a bargain price once the SGS IV rolls out.Plus,it’s compatible w/AT&T’s 4G LTE. Not a bad option at all.

    Too bad SPRINT & VZW’s phones don’t play nice on others networks…………

    1. I wouldn’t put much stock in “bargain price once SGS IV rolls out”… just saw an ad for new contract S2 @ $200 (and that phone was released May 2011)

      1. Shop around,or, have some patience. If anyone ever pays the top dollar for a phone, whether it’s subsidized or not, they have no one to blame but themselves.

  5. There’s a chance this one could have the quad core Exynos though…. since unlike back last year the issue of combining LTE + Exynos has been resolved. That would set this apart from all the other US Galaxy S III’s

  6. This makes no sense. The release of the S4 is right around the corner. You would think that they would want their first LTE phone to be the newest Android phone. TMobile has been going downhill ever since the tried that business with AT&T.

  7. Hmm..is there TMo LTE in SF bay area?

  8. Why didn’t they sell this model in the first place? It’s not as if they couldn’t get a LTE model last year like AT&T.

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