Sony releases voice remote for Google TV box


Sony’s NSZ-GS7 has proven itself to be a very capable Google TV device (read our Sony NSZ-GS7 review), but one unfortunate omission had Sony users looking to take full advantage of Google TV V3’s voice features dead in the water… until now. Since Sony’s original remote didn’t include a microphone for voice input, the home electronics manufacturer will release a new edition of the remote to ensure full compatibility with Google TV V3. That’s the good news.

The bad news, natch, is that you’ll be asked to cough up another $50 if you want the thing. That’s a steep price to pay when you’ve already spent more than a hundred bucks for the unit, and perhaps Google could have offered the remote at a discounted price or an exchange program for those who already purchased the box. After all, $50 just to get a microphone isn’t our idea of handy, dandy or anything of the sort. That said, if you have no problem shelling out $50 for it you can head right here and take care of that.

[via GTVSource]

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I just ordered it. I like the design of Sony’s remote, and this will make it even better.

  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy 10″ tablet and a Sony 40″ LED Google TV. How difficult would it be for Google to make the Google Remote App on the Galaxy voice compatible with my 1st Gen Google TV? I predict the answer will be to spend more $ and upgrade. I wish Google would surprise me and prove me wrong.

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