‘UltraPixel’ camera component shortages forcing HTC One delay?


According to sources inside Taiwan’s manufacturing industry HTC is having difficulty sourcing enough components to keep up with production of their HTC One flagship. The result could spell worldwide delays for the handset pegged to launch next week.

Specifically, the voice coil motor and compact camera module are to blame. The latter makes up HTC’s new UltraPixel camera sensor. With current supply and resources, analysts KGI Securities estimates HTC will only be able to produce between 800 thousand and 1.2 million over the next few months. We could see HTC pull back from smaller markets in an effort to reduce delays and stock shortages in regions like the US.

HTC’s One is on track to launch March 15th, just a day after Samsung is poised to launch their Galaxy S4 flagship.

[via BriefMobile]

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  1. wow htc.. i love u guys, but GODD@MN!!!! the evo lte was held up at customs, now reports of parts shortcomings might delay the ONE… MAY AS well just shoot yourselves in the feet and call it a day

    1. Nothing was stated as fact, just rumors. The One is going to be one of the best phones on the market once it launches, whenever it launches.

      1. It’s no point being the best device if you can’t make enough… If this turns to be true then regardless how good it is, it ain’t gonna be good for their finance..

      2. Hehe oh u sick HTC fanboy! ツ

  2. Damn htc, if it ain’t one thing then its something else.

    1. I mean, it isn’t anything yet. I’m still expecting to pick mine up later this month.

      1. Dang it!! Quit buying phones left and right!! Grr!! Stupid Sprint and their CDMA and their Bad ESN phones making it hard for me to go out and buy a phone.

        1. Idk what phone you currently have, but I suggest you try to find a cheap HTC EVO 4G LTE on eBay. I got a white one in brand new condition (with the box and manuals and cable and a front and back Zagg) for $225, clean ESN and everything!

          1. I tried to buy the Evo 3D and I was duped new t had a bad ESN. Since I came from Tmo I never knew about bad ESNs. It ruined it and I just kept my E4GT. My upgrade is this June anyways. LoL!!

      2. Yeah, but you’re in the States. If this turns out to be true, then we will be the ones getting first crack at the… One.

  3. The rollout date(s) haven’t even been definitively announced for all markets yet, & these ‘sources’ are already forecasting delays. Nothing more than rumor mongering @ this point.

  4. Not too worried, there was talk of Qualcomm chip and other component shortages that were supposed to affect a number of devices but never panned out. Hoping this nothing more than unfounded rumor because I REALLY want my HTC One on time.

    1. I really hope verizon changes their mind and picks it up. I love my Note 2 but I really want the HTC One. The design and the front facing speakers are great. I was also impressed by the camera samples you posted.

    2. I REALLY wish I can upgrade to the HTC One… But alas, I have to wait another year…

      1. I’m sure whatever phone you have is enough to sell for an HTC One.

    3. How goes the update on your LG OPTIMUS G?
      Hardly enough time to enjoy it,w/the HTC ONE right on its heels.
      Which leads me to this question,if you don’t mind:
      Do you keep all the phones you get,especially this past years models,or ,do you sell them?
      Just curious………

    4. If it’s delayed, you can just hold yourself over with an S4… oh, the humanity!


    5. It’s probably gonna suck, everyone is looking forward to Galaxy S 4. Sense 5 i still a mess and the two button arrangement, it’s just the worst.

      1. Touch Wiz is tacky and confusing at best, and I’d pass on that huge center button, this isnt iOS.

  5. You swooping in heavy to defend this phone Chris, you better make a review when you get it! =P

    1. I was just one of the few people that got to play with the phone, and love how HTC is trying to change up smartphone design for the better!

      They were first with a front facing camera on the HTC EVO. And I can’t tell you how long I’ve been asking for front facing speakers on a smartphone. Super hyped for this phone! :D

      1. They were not first with a front facing camera that’s just plain wrong and I know you didn’t say it but they are not the 1st to have 2 front facing speakers… As for the design yep its definitely the best I have seen and feels soooo good in the hand…could have been my next phone but for me the lack of SD card slot is a deal breaker..

      2. So @Gamercore:disqus, after having delicately caressed it in your hands… will you be opting for the black or silver & white version? I’ve always had black phones but I think the silver metal casing on this one looks pretty awesome. I’m torn and can’t decide!

        1. Well with the silver one, scratches would be more visible.

  6. After seeing such a glut of spammy offshore Facebook Pages for
    specific updates and discussion about the HTC One, I’ve created one that’s smart (with
    proper grammar):


    It has a corresponding Twitter feed @theHTCOne, if you prefer:


  7. If this is true, HTC is screwed. I mean they’re probably already screwed anyway but will be even more so. I don’t find this phone attractive though so I could care less. Poor HTC.

  8. The two front facing speakers are great…so much so that they decided to remove the kick stand from the One??? Still trying to figure that one out.

    1. Neither One series phone had a kickstand, only the evo lte.

  9. Shortage of 4MP sensors? LOL

    1. You are such an idiot with this.

      1. I call a gimmick when i see one.

        1. kinda thought that myself… we shall see.

        2. A gimmick that larger pixels result in capturing more light and therefore better pictures? Do you even science?

          1. the DPI will be very low, making fuzzy pictures. Larger pixels= fuzzy pictures. Do YOU science?

          2. well seeing how a 1080p screen fits a resolution of 1920 X 1080 and a 4 megapixel resolution picture is 2240 x 1680 low dpi is not something I’m worried about. Larger pixels do not equate to fuzzy pictures, quite the opposite. The higher the pixel count on a small sensor the more noise it accumulates, there fore resulting in more fuzz.

          3. When’s the last time you looked at a 1080P photo taken with a phone? It’s not the same as an LCD monitor with that resolution. Also, with you flawed logic, all 22MP DSLR’s should have bad quality photos then. WOW where can I learn to be as smart as you?

          4. Shakes my head! Have you ever seen the size of a sensor inside a DSLR? did you ever wonder why they’re bigger? thats right it was to capture those bigger pixels accurately. Larger sensor and more pixels, equal better picture. Same sensor more pixels equals more noise and worst picture quality.

          5. I don’t think he science at all. The DSLR are 4 micron in size. Many of the entry level DSLR are 16 mp which are smaller then most point and shoot now.

          6. The pixels on a 22MP DSLR CMOS are much smaller in size than the pixels on a 4MP phone CMOS

          7. Compare the size of a DSLR to a pocket camera or smartphone – the
            difference is noticeable. From this you can conclude that the larger
            DSLR will accommodate a larger sensor, and in turn a larger sensor will
            produce the better picture. This is why resolution doesn’t matter
            solely, because a more advanced camera with a large sensor will trump
            the low-end point-and-shoot with a small sensor, even if both sport the
            same number of megapixels. With a small sensor, the pixels can’t capture
            as much light, so a pocket camera will produce images that have less
            dynamic range and never as clean as a DSLR. A camera with a larger
            sensor will also produce images with less noise, especially at high ISO.
            Of course, the tradeoff in image quality means more convenience.

            Read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/photography/image-sensor-size-matters/#ixzz2N4vtWCSv

            Follow us: @digitaltrends on Twitter | digitaltrendsftw on Facebook

          8. DSLR’s are expensive because the sensor is superior in build quality. There are other cameras like micro 4/3 that have large sensors, but no where near the quality of a DSLR. The new HTC sensor is a gimmick down to the core. If you truly are a person who knows specs of CMOS, you would know better than to promote HTC’s gimmick 4MP

          9. You’re a dumbass and worst yet you’re a stubborn dumbass, but live and let live I guess. So yes go ahead and purchase the camera with the largest megapixel count you can buy so it adequately fits your 1080p screen, because according to your logic with more megapixels it won’t be fuzzy.

          10. So you think Canon and Nikon should be making LESS megapixels on their DSLR’s? Google the word: Regress

          11. Lmfao! Yes! they actually are making cameras with less megapixels and better overall picture quality. Engrave this in your mind, “pixelcount is only indicative of size, not quality.”

          12. O_o you are truly retarded. Ya lets have 2MP camera’s like in 1997

          13. how about this, if the camera takes better pictures than iphone5s/gs4/one x+ then its not a gimmick. If it takes worse or equal photos, then it is.

          14. I’ll give it a benefit of a doubt. We’ll see real world results soon enough.

          15. You sir, are truly showing your stupidity now

          16. When one has no facts, one attacks

        3. Megapixels don’t matter after a certain point: http://gizmodo.com/5888552/reminder-megapixels-dont-matter

          1. I think what you missed in that article, is that a 41MP NOKIA sensor is worthless, in comparison to a DSLR. The main point is, that phone sensors are no where near DSLRs in quality, and it will remain that way for a while.

          2. Right, it’s worthless because individual pixels are bigger on the DSLR and let in more light for a better, more accurate image. So instead of trying to fit 14 million pixels on a tiny phone sensor, they’re making the pixels bigger to let in more light…just like a DSLR on a smaller scale. Think of it like this: they’re putting DSLR-sized pixels on a phone sensor, they just can’t fit as many of them because the phone sensor is (obviously) smaller. Personally, I’d rather have the better picture quality of the larger pixels than an image that I can print out a wall-sized banner from.

  10. I just hope that speaker can’t go off when ur on a phone call. That could really hurt ur ear

    1. Had this issue with my BlackBerry Curve (2008)

  11. Ah well supply chain guy got fired. They should have at least a secondary source if not more.

  12. Might now give HTC some more time to improve the indoor photo quality, they photos dont look good indoors in low light.

  13. hTC cannot let this happen! I wish they can roll out the device on time!!
    Does anyone know if the $100 back program work with old HD2?

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