Mar 5th, 2013

Google has updated its platform distribution numbers to reflect the two week period ending March 4th, 2013. The numbers are looking pretty interesting these days, folks, as devices with Android 4.0 and higher seem to be the majority now.

Ice Cream Sandwich has 28.6%, while Jelly Bean has 16.5%. Of course, Android 4.1 holds the vast majority of Jelly Bean’s share with 14.9% compared to the 1.6% 4.2 has.Gingerbread isn’t dead by any means as it still holds 44.2% of the pie. Amazingly enough, Froyo and Eclair are still kicking with a combined 9.6% of the share. We’re sure there are a few oddball devices still floating about, but considering the hundreds of thousands of device activations taking place each day that’s still pretty significant.

Google is expected to introduce Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie at Google I/O in a couple of months, and by the time we reach that version these numbers could be much different. The arms race for Android 4.2-enabled device hasn’t even taken off quite yet, as ASUS was the first OEM to deliver the goods to a non-Nexus device this week.

It’s tough to say if any of these versions of Android will ever quite reach Gingerbread status, but we’re happy things seem to be staying in the right direction. Check the chart above and find the full table at the source link ahead.

[via Android Developers]

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