HTC designers wax poetic on their One flagship


“I think what we really want to do when we are designing a phone is create a three-sixty experience — a holistic, beautiful experience.” Thus is the opening line to the above video giving us a glimpse at the thought process behind the design of the HTC One.

Yes, much of the video is peppered with buzz words, black shirts, and carefully curated stubble, but we also get a look at HTC’s “electro-chemical etching process” as a single block of metal is carved to the perfect shape. Diamond cutters, nano-matrix structures, this short clip has it all. It’s a neat little look into the making of the One, but am I the only one  that thinks it comes across as trying too hard?

[via TMoNews]

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  1. Looks like an Apple video… just saying. Even that guy looks like Jony Ive.

    Also, they need to fire their audio guy. That guy sounds live recorded the first time he speaks and studio recorded the rest.

    1. They also did this for the release of the One X and the Evo LTE

      1. shhh butters is a sheep.

        1. Leave Butters alone, he speaks from the heart and loves the food at Raisens.

        2. I own a One X, so no I am not a sheep.

          And you bring up those phones like it was that long ago.

          Even the freeze frame HTC chose for the video into looks like Ive. If you don’t think so then you have been drinking Kool Aid as well.

      2. Posted a picture reply to another comment that was also partially directed at you.

        1. Lol, the resemblance is uncanny!
          But are you saying HTC can’t do good looking videos to talk about their product in an interview format, with a guy that looks like Ive?


          1. Lol. Not exactly. I’m saying if they do good looking video interviews in a one-on-one format with a guy in a black t-shirt that uses his hands to talk and describes a product using super-sensationalized buzzwords then I’m going to say it looks like an Apple video.

            Which is going to be followed by a ton of up and down votes from people who know I am right and people who want to pretend like I love Apple products lol.

  2. HTC puts a lot into the process of making their phones.


    1. Don’t worry Sammy Baby got you :)

    2. They will have a breakthrough plastic phone for you, don’t worry.

      1. Oh…we got some Samsung fans out there…haha

      2. hahaha, i still love Samsung!

      3. that was funny lol but we love you Sammy!

      4. It will use a new technology called Horm-tracking. it will track your menstrual cycle and vibrate when your at your most fertile. If it doesn’t sense the odorous pleasentries of fertilization it will vibrate at different speeds until it senses your heartrate rising and only stops when it senses short grunting breaths.

  4. Yes, you’re the only one. It was a 90 second video…not sure how you felt they were trying to hard.

    1. I don’t know…calling it a breakthrough phone, explaining how and why they made it didn’t really impress me but they sure tried…

      1. at least they’re proud of working on a long term project. I’m sure you’d be excited too if you did more than fry guy or mail man. Just saying.

        1. It wasn’t any sort of breakthrough and just because you made some poor career choices doesn’t change anything. I hope your mail man loses your mail and people spit in your food…but I’m guessing that already happens to you.

          1. can we all get along pleaseeee.

          2. Okay, come give me a big hug!

          3. With a name like that, I would expect that from you :)

        2. Who hurt you?… who hurt you?

  5. In one word??? “this really is a breakthrough phone” Sounds more like a sentence.

    1. nitpick passive aggressive.

    2. I think “Breakthrough” was the emphasis there.

  6. I don’t see it.It’s not as if they hired Sally Struthers to tug @ our heartstrings,or,went saccharin-sweet & over simplistic as APPLE does in their barftastic TV spots.

  7. HTC = quality. You get what you pay for, and you can tell what it’s worth just by looking at the build quality and beautiful design.
    Sammy on the other hand uses the cheapest materials possible and get the most $$ they can, much like apple. Baaaaa

    1. at the end of the day is a win win situation for customers in general, so your point fail.

    2. The Sammy design is less rigid, so less likely for the display to crack when dropped. Also, Samsung puts sd slots on their devices. HTC is trying to be like Apple- Just like Google is with their Nexus line. $crew the cloud.

    3. A casing doesn’t make the phone. it’s the whole experience and that’s where samsung delivers. Do you know how much samusng put into R&D? They do close to ten thousand tests on their phones.

  8. I agree the dude is trying to channel Apple presentation skills and even following with the lame a$$ lack of an sd card slot. Out of principle of no sd slot, I hope this flagship sinks. Just sayin’.

    1. That really is a silly reason to hope it sinks, grow up. It has 32GB of internal storage, thats enough for 2 normal people.

  9. After all that and then they forgot to add the sd / remv batt…

    1. That was intentional. You know, like Google’s Nexus 4.

  10. Yeah, a little too hard, but I really want HTC to succeed. I like their phones, I just can’t get myself to pull the trigger on them. I think if they start pushing the envelope with battery life, they’ll start selling a lot more phones.

    1. One word: BOOMSOUND. O_o

  11. They’re so quiet….. and so brilliant.

  12. That’s the one thing i gotta say about Htc, they have really nice designs on their phones. premium feel and build quality. After the hero i haven’t been with Htc, cause of the GS2, but i wish Samsung would take note.

    1. I think Samsung is under the belief that; Sure, plastic does feel less preimum, but is easier to mass produce, and is more durable. I mean the back of an EVOLTE can dent, but feels solid in the hand. While the back of the GSIII/NoteII feels like garbage in the hand, but really cant dent or break.

      1. You are right about that one. Its a tradeoff in some sense. But still wish they would find a way to make it little more appealing in comparison to competitors. We’ll see what happens thursday!!!!

  13. If Google really wants to offer an excellent Nexus phone they should buy HTC and let them run Motorola. I never understand why HTC are not making a packet – they make such beautiful phones.

  14. The level of quality of this OFFICIAL HTC video is a testament of how HTC just does NOT understand effective marketing.

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