German court sides with HTC in Nokia patent dispute


Nokia has lost on claims that HTC infringed upon two patents help by the Finnish company. The company brought the allegations in front of the District Court of Mannheim in Germany where a judge ruled in favor of the Taiwanese manufacturer of Android devices.

The patents in question relate to a “method for using services offered by a telecommunications network, a telecommunications system, and a terminal for it and electronic display device and lighting control method of same.” HTC thinks that Nokia is attempting to overstep the boundaries of that patent in an effort to gain “unwarranted licensing royalties from Android handset manufacturers.”

Of course, Nokia doesn’t feel the same way following their loss. There has been no decision on whether or not the company will seek an appeal, but this is only the beginning, either way. Nokia is currently pursuing claims on 30 additional patent violations across Germany, the UK, and US.

[via WSJ]

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  1. Nokia = ms The biggest patenttroll ever!!!!

    Nokia is desperate

    1. Even as a finn, I have to agree.

  2. i loved Nokia. Even when they sued apple to teach them a lesson. But know there just following Microsoft they comment on android the same way Microsoft does.

    1. And now Nokia is teamed with Apple to continue the “patent wars” against Samsung.

  3. Nokia just roll over and die will you! stupid ass company.

  4. Nokia just die no one cares

  5. Screw you Nokia! Way to go HTC!

  6. I guess I won’t pile on.

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