Mar 8th, 2013

Here is an interesting slice of data. GoGo Inflight recently rounded up the stats for devices connecting to their WiFi networks during flights and the results show good growth for Google’s platform. In comparison to Apple, Android devices accounted for only 3.2 percent of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) connecting to GoGo in 2011. So far in 2013, the number has grown to 16 percent.

When taking into account smartphones only, Android accounts for 26 percent of all devices connecting to GoGo. It’s still a far cry from Apple’s 73 percent, however. Overall, smartphones and tablets make up the majority of traffic on GoGo’s networks, a total of 67 percent.

The data suggests you are more likely to see someone surfing the web from their iPad or iPhone during flights, which is interesting when considering the fact that in terms of overall smartphone market share Android has been dominating for quite some time. You would think the numbers would look a bit more even. Perhaps the info says more about the type of person purchasing in-flight WiFi from GoGo than it does about any actual device distribution.

[via CNN]

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