Mar 8th, 2013

Yes, Google Glass sits in your field of vision, but what if it can actually enhance it? That’s what a team of Duke University scientists are attempting to do with InSight, and app that could find its way to the platform and allow for the identification of people based on more than facial recognition. It could determine who you are looking at based solely on what they are wearing.

For the app to work, you will need to gather a few samples from friends showcasing what they normally wear. The app uses colors, patterns, and textures to mark an individual (you can see where this could get complicated quickly). It might be useful for picking out somebody recognizable in a crowd. Imagine if InSight had the power to crawl the Facebook photos of all of your friends, quickly filling out a database of individuals linked to you.

The idea seems like a slightly heavy-handed approach. After all, you likely will have identified your friends visually on your own before a set of computer-powered glasses does so. But perhaps the use here isn’t to help you figure out who someone is, rather it could be used to instantly tag photos or geographically link you to friends. There certainly are a number of possibilities.

We want to request a “Party Mode.” Snap a quick shot with Glass upon meeting someone at a party and when we run into them again later the headset quietly reminds us of their name. Now that’s problem solving.

[via Engadget]

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