Motorola officially details Jelly Bean rollout for DROID RAZR/MAXX


Motorola couldn’t keep things on the low regarding its Jelly Bean soak tests for the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX, so what better way to deal with a problematic leak than to embrace the opportunity and run with it? Motorola has posted an official blog post about the upgrades over at its site, and while there aren’t any surprises to be had — it’s Android 4.1 with Motorola’s custom user experience, and we all know about that by now — we’re still excited to know that a few more of you will join us in Jelly Bean land sometime soon.

Some of you might already be seeing the upgrade on your handset, but Motorola has stressed that this is a phased rollout. If you don’t receive a notification to download it right away then you can try your luck at pulling it from the servers by visiting Settings > About Phone. Failing that, I guess you’ll just have to wait until Motorola decides your particular device is cool enough to be drenched in gooey Jelly Bean goodness. Head to Motorola’s blog for more information.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I believe we are making progress.

  2. 1) I still have the announcement that the Xmas update has been downloaded, and I need to hit install. I have not done so, due to all the stories of problems. So now, do I just continue to sit tight, and await the official final release? I assume the final release will somehow clear the Xmas release out of the cache it is currently sitting in.
    2) What should be done when the final release is pushed out? FDR before installation, or only after? What about backups before FDR?

  3. When is 4.2 coming for the RAZR HD?

    1. I know you’re impatient (me too) but there’s plenty of older Motorola phones still waiting for 4.1. Manufacturers SHOULD be supporting older devices rather than ditching them whenever they release a new flagship.

      1. Motorola does ditch devices.

        1. Bionic *snicker*

  4. No update yet. But it took almost a year for ICS to roll out

  5. I’ve yet to receive the update. Anybody else not get it yet?

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