OUYA opens shop, games go live for download


Though early backers won’t have their consoles until later this month, those in the developer program might notice a bit more activity than usual in the OUYA Shop. Those working tirelessly to bring their content to OUYA have been given the go ahead to begin uploading games. It’s all part of an effort to make sure there is plenty available for new owners come launch day.

One way to encourage devs to put the finishing touches on their games and get them up for download comes in the form of a contest. OUYA is going to feature the top three developers (based on the first 6 weeks of availability) in a series of short documentaries.

The success of OUYA greatly depends on the content available. If the console comes up short on dev support, users will have little incentive to move away from gaming on a traditional console or mobile device. So far the community support for OUYA has been overwhelming, so we expect big things come launch day.

[via GameFans]

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  1. Can’t wait! If worst comes to worst I’ll have a console that runs .apk emulators on a t.v. ;)

    1. Which I’ve had on my Wii for years, and Xbox before that lol :) Don’t get me wrong, I think the OUYA is cool, but I don’t see it actually moving serious console gamers away from console gaming. The expectations for this thing seem over hyped.

      1. The Wii has a .apk emulator!? Wait!! So are you saying the Wii can emulate Android apps!? (‘o’)/

        Is it even good or were you just mentioning it?

        1. Probably just an emulator…. you know… NES, SNES, etc…

          1. Yea I know that. But an .apk emulator is different from an SNES and console emulator. I mean thats pretty specific what they’re saying.

            Console games are called ROMs to begin with. So you can see my confusion when this person says they can run apks. They pretty much just said they can run Android games.

      2. Sure, you can do it with consoles, but you don’t have to perform software gymnastics or void your warranty to do it on the Ouya :)

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