Mar 7th, 2013

Members of the Motorola Feedback Network are starting to see the arrival of the long-awaited Jelly Bean update for the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX. Motorola began notifying those registered that the update would be pushing or has already pushed to the many eager to test the new software. In fact, despite exceeding the number of open slots for testing, Motorola has decided to push the update to all that signed up.

The upgrade brings the RAZR/RAZR MAXX to Android 4.1.2 (software version 98.72.16.XT912) and brings about all the trimmings of Jelly Bean, including Google Now, actionable notifications, and the inclusion of the Chrome Browser. With the update, Moto has done away with their My Gallery and My Music apps in favor of Google’s offerings. Users can also expect improved connectivity, faster Outlook syncing, and other tweaks and fixes.

The soak test is the first phase of a process that should see the highly-anticipated software upgrade eventually reach all Droid RAZR handsets on Verizon’s network. After the update is cleared with the initial group of testers, that is. Here is a link to the release notes and here is the email being sent to testers:


Thanks for signing up for the Droid RAZR / Droid RAZR Maxx Jellybean software test. The software should already be pushed to your phone, or it’s on its way.

Apologies for sending this out so late — surveymonkey was down for maintenance last night and that was unexpected.

As expected, the number of Motorola Feedback Network volunteers wildly exceeded our soak test capacity. But we don’t want to leave anyone out, so we found a way to include everyone.

You are part of group that is getting the advanced software, and will be asked to fill out the evaluation survey. However, there won’t be a private area for feedback.

Please look for the evaluation survey in email, most likely on Sunday.

If you have any problems upgrading to the Jelly Bean software, please click here for help. [redacted] You can also use this link if you have a problem that makes your phone unusable, and we will do our best to help. This is NOT the link for feedback — again, that will come in a few days.

Here is a link to the release notes. Please read them carefully and note some items removed from Jelly Bean.

Thanks so much for your participation! We really appreciate your time and insights.

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