Hybrid Android/Windows 8 ASUS Transformer AiO set for April 12th launch at $1299


ASUS’ hybrid Windows 8/Android transforming tablet/pc, which we first got a chance to check out at CES in January, now has a release date. The unique form factor offers users a choice between a desktop PC with 18.4-inch monitor or undocked as an 18.4-inch monster tablet doesn’t come cheap. The hybrid device will start at $1299 when it launches on April 12th.

The Windows PC portion of the device (its dock half) features Intel Core i5 processing with up to 8GB RAM. The tablet half features a capacitive IPS display with 1080p resolution, Tegra 3 processing, and 1GB RAM. The size doesn’t make it the most appealing tablet for on-the-go use, but for those looking for a new desktop PC with some added functionality this is about as unique as it gets.

ASUS has been staking their claim in the transforming device business for a while now, but their latest might be the most ambitious effort yet. What would guys do with an 18-inch tablet?

[via Mashable]

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  1. “What would guys do with an 18-inch tablet?”
    Super Hexagon

    1. Isn’t Facebook for girls? O.o

      1. so is Thhhhuper Hexagon and using anime characters as an avatar. But shhhhh don’t upset her.

        1. Pinterest is for girls, too? O.o

  2. Go hang out @ Starbucks & use it as a phone……..

    1. Only dbag iSheep hang out at starbucks posting pics of their crappy overpriced burnt coffee on their instagimp account to show their friends how trendy they think they are.

      1. Do you have Aspergers Syndrome, or, are you just a pathetic A**hole?

        I’m guessing both, as you never seem to get humor &/or never have anything constructive to share.

        1. His uncle Buck used to touch him when he was a young lad.

      2. Buy the end of the day you’ll have a buttload of likes.

    2. Funny. As. Sh*t!

  3. no one cares for pos win8 tablet that runs 10 year old os with new skin that needs 8 gig ram 8 core with cooling fan that cost $1300 you can do the same work on a nexus 7 for $199

    1. I do. Just like iSheep who can run OSX and Win via bootcamp, the ability to multitask and use a machine to do both is paramount, especially if the thing works well enough for business use. box <– yours.. you need to think outside of it.

  4. Seems kind of useless really, I’d rather have a real PC and a regular sized tablet

    1. not really. As sheep have shown, the imac, while useless for hardcore processing (editing, vfx, etc) and games, the masses seem to love that POS. This would go up against that while making it kid friendly for touch screen games as well as to edit photos and do all the junk the imac can do, just cheaper and not being a fruit-themed hardware.

  5. Oh snap that’s my hand in the picture!!

    1. Really?

      1. Yep I was helping some Phandroid pepz by showing them the Transformer AiO :-).

  6. sleep with it

  7. id buy if the specs were better on the android side.

  8. “Walk into the club like, ‘Whaddup, I gotta big tab.'”

    1. “I’m just pumped I got some tech from CES show”

      1. Tech tiles on my wrist yeah it’s so damn flossy

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