Hands-on: ASUS Transformer AiO all-in-one PC/tablet running Windows 8 and Jelly Bean [VIDEO]


ASUS really has been gunning for the crown of “convertible king,” pumping out loads of devices with multiple functionality. I’m sure you’re all well acquainted with their work on the ASUS Transformer or Padfone 2, Android devices that can transform before your eyes to add increased functionality, different from your typical one trick pony.

Unveiled many moons ago at Computex 2012 and making another appearance here at CES, the ASUS Transformer AiO is just such a device. Combining the functionality of a full fledged Windows 8 PC and an Android tablet, it sounds crazy, I know. Bt this is exactly what ASUS is best at. When docked, the Transformer AiO is fully functional Windows 8 PC, featuring an 18.4-inch 1080p full HD capacitive IPS display, coming in either Core i5 or i7 configurations, up to 8GB of RAM, a plethora of ports, and an optical drive.

For the Android fan, the display can be switched to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on the fly by the press of a button, or when completely removing it from its dock (essentially the Windows guts of the device). A pull-out stand on the back of the display/tablet allows you to position it at an optimal viewing angle on a table, or it can simply lay flat in your lap making it the world’s largest Android tab.

The display packs an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and 1GB of RAM and in our brief hands-on with the display, was much lighter than expected from a tab this large. In fact, it’s a good thing there wasn’t a camera on the back, otherwise we’d most likely see a whole of unnecessary bathroom selfies with this thing. The keyboard was also built with Android in mind, featuring keys for “Home” and so forth. The mouse was a joy to use, with a small touch pad wheel for quickly scrolling/swiping between homescreens, complete with haptic feedback.

You can see the ASUS Transformer AiO in an action for yourself via our video below.

The ASUS rep we spoke with told us to expect the Transformer AiO to arrive around March in the US for around $1,200. ASUS also adds that Windows 8 desktop streaming to the display-only portion of the device will hopefully arrive in time for its launch. “How big is too big” discussions aside, any of our readers thinking they might make this their next desktop PC/tablet? Seems ASUS may have finally solved the dilemma of Android fans looking for an Android desktop, but not wanting to sacrifice the functionality of a full desktop OS for a mobile one.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Nice work Chris. Hope you fellows are enjoying the CES and Las Vegas..I wish I could be there to report…LOL

    1. Having a lot of fun but it’s SO exhausting! Great experience for sure, but definitely working hard the whole time :p

      1. any word on battery life? weight? did they say of this was just an idea or actually going into production. thanks bro great coverage

        1. To be honest, what’s the point of battery life? Do you really see your self taking this with you somewhere? I mean, if you do, then OK. I can only see a business user taking this with them. Spreadsheets or whatever business people do.

          But I can’t really see ANY other reason someone would have this undocked, and actually rely on the battery for 2+ hours.

          1. I agree with you I was just curious

          2. I’d imagine that of a laptop. My laptop gets 2 hours with the screen on. Regardless if its doing anything. LoL!! Brightness max is still 2 hours or less.

            So I’d say with battery tech where it is and my laptop being the HP Probook 6555b. Nothing special. LoL!! I’d say around 3-4 hours average. Not including standby obviously.

          3. I’m a student and this will fit nicely in my backpack…

  2. Chris is doing interviews in someone’s hotel room! Doing his all to get those stories!!

    1. Gotta hustle, bruh… O_o

      1. Seriously, did he invite you up over the urinal divider wall, or slip you a toilet-paper note under the stall wall.”Sure young man, if you’d like to come up to my room, you can manhandle it all you’d like”

  3. Been throwing money at my screen but nothing happens. Really want this.

    1. The trick is to thrown it in the CD drive at a 45 degree angle.

  4. Did they say how big the hard drive is? does it have a separate drive for windows / android? how does that work?

    1. I’m presuming the “dock” is actually the full windows PC sans monitor. When docked, the tablet acts as a monitor.

  5. Thats AWESOME!

  6. Oh….. my God. Yes please!

  7. I just bought a Dell all in one touch screen computer…… and I don’t want it anymore…. I want this! lol

    1. Which one? They have a 27″ AIO I’m thinking about… but I’m also considering getting an 27″ iMac and running it as a pc only (windows 7).

      1. I was thinking about the 27″ as well but I got the 23″. I’ve had a bigger screen for a monitor before and really found it annoying. Even 23″ is pushing the limits, I could probably deal with a 20″ and be perfectly happy.

        This one seems good though, I can’t complain too much besides seeing all the new computers coming out lol. I actually don’t use the touchscreen that often, but I just starting using Windows 8 too so maybe there will be some adjusting.

  8. holy crap!!! an 18.4 inch dual booting Jellybean/Windows8 tablet?! I needed to go change my underwear.

    1. That’s not what this is. Windows 8 is entirely in the “dock”, which is really just a PC. The tablet is just a monitor when running Windows.

  9. Yay!! Now I have a device that I could use at home and on the go………….. Or maybe just at home.

    All jokes aside, I can see me saving up for this.

  10. AMAZING!!!!!! I WANT THIS ASAP!!!!!!

  11. hmmmm wonder if they’ll upgrade the RAM on the android side and/or maybe an A15 processor….that would be the “end-all-be-all”

  12. Now THIS is what I call innovation. Good job, Asus, for being one of the few manufacturers to really think outside the box and push technology forward.

  13. Sorry but the Android side of it isn’t that great.

  14. I love this device, but I think I’d prefer a 14-15″ version. It’s also a shame that the Windows guts are in the dock — it would be even cooler if you could flip back and forth from Win8 to Android while in tablet mode! (Unless the streaming/remote Win8 app Asus is talking about being available at launch is capable of streaming and playing PC games similar to NVIDIA’s Steam streaming capabilities? Yes? No? Probably not…)

    I do love it, though… and of course I love Asus innovation! They rock!

  15. My question is that when “docked” (may need a new word since it’s more than a dock), does the tablet act as an available drive in addition to a monitor? How are document transfers handled between the two modes?

  16. Oh, ASUS. You never cease to amaze/bewilder me.

  17. I love the idea but not in love with the specs. Are they outdated becaue this was originally showcased in 2012? Tegra 3 and 1GB ram seems a bit underpowered to me. How was the performance in tablet mode? From first look the PC components seem to be pretty up to date, but the tablet specs leave me wanting more.

  18. I can’t see myself having this AWAY from my house. But i can still see myself using this. the battery life dosn’t matter to me (since the size of the tablet is,in my case, too big to travel with) since this is more of a household tablet than a travel-like tablet (like the TF700T).

    BUT, their is two problems i see.

    1. the official US date (and hopfully no hold backs)
    2. my money can’t penitrate the monitor

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