Android Overload: Google to cut 10% of Motorola’s workforce, Microsoft wants to ban Google apps from schools, and more [VIDEO]


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  • After laying off 4,000 workers last August, Google’s cutting another 10% of Motorola’s workforce in US, China, and India. [WSJ]
  • Microsoft targets Google with “Scroogled Mark II.” Pushes for legislation to keep Google apps out of schools. [BGR]
  • iOS is more popular on planes than Android… and it’s all thanks to the iPad. [GoGo]
Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Microsoft and Google on a head on collision for sure. What else will they do to be at each others throats?

    1. unify and attack apple. One swift lunge

      1. MS is more likely to side with Apple than Google.

        Apple just threatens MS on phones, mobile OS and music.
        Google on phones, Mobile OS, music, laptop OS, Social Networking, Office apps, email, cloud storage, and probably more.

        1. Google = innovations.
          Google’s profits = services.
          Google needs more and more + better and better services.

          Google threatens them both.
          They hate Google.

          1. Microsoft=

  2. google apps are banned at my school. FOR SECURITY REASONS.
    so they give us internet explorer.

    1. poor you. my condolences.

    2. Yes for security reasons. Microsoft is insecure about being able to retain monopoly control.

    3. wow your IT department is pretty much incompetent or on MSs payroll

  3. @fahim, you have no idea what is being discussed. I don’t mean to sound like a jerk. Please educate yourself.

    1. Dicker.. he’s providing his input based on what is happening at his school. I have worked for a few large companies who tell people never to use gmail or google apps for work purposes. Microsoft’s reasoning for not wanting allowed in schools is purely selfish. Again, they should be attacking apple whose edu bookstore coupled with ipads (and office apps) are gaining more traction than kids using dated PCs running gapps. Dicker.

      1. I’ve worked for companies where employees were required to use only company provided systems for email and business documents. This was done for both archival and security purposes – all email and documents were processed by our spam filter and virus scanning engine as appropriate. This was not an indictment of Google docs; it had nothing do with Google docs. In fact, those company provided systems could have easily included Google docs.

    2. Diggler, what is your deal? Fahim’s comment was relevant to the article. He was providing us proof that banning of Google is already happening. He also was pointing out the irony that they have to use IE, which I’m not sure about now, but I know in the past has had major security issues. I think it’s you who has no idea what is being discussed…

  4. Why doesn’t Microsoft want to ban ipads, the edu bookstore and the iOS apps which unfairly creates a monopoly in schools. Microsoft needs to focus on the real enemy.

    1. MSFT is tech moron in coma.
      it will die thinking that it’s Google what hurts them, not their heavy ugly monopoly-style products.

      Google becomes more awesome and powerful thanks to Apple-MSFT hatred.

      1. But consider the threat to Google and Android.

        Microsoft has Windows Phone 8. Google should be scared. Very scared.

        stop laughing! Stop it! Stop it I say!

    2. The real enemy is Steve Ballmer.

    3. MS knows that in a couple years from now apple will be just an other os so they are aiming at the real threat, MS is really worried.

  5. MS is just pissed because Google took over the browser market with Chrome.

    1. MS isn’t pissed about Chrome. Microsoft doesn’t make money from Internet Explorer.

      MS is pissed because of internet applications.

      Once upon a time, eons long ago, in a forgotten millennium swept away by the sands of time, we installed applications on to our computers. This caused many problems. Applications were written for a particular OS. Monopolists loved and exploited the lock in phenomena of software. It was expensive for developers to essentially re-write an application for another OS platform. Application upgrades had to be installed on every desktop. This could involve significant cost if you have hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of desktop computers that you manage. Towards the end of that ancient era, a beacon of hope emerged. Internet browsers appeared.

      While these new-fangled “browsers” were intended to explore a web of information, some people recognized that the “pages” served could actually be an application that merely pretended to be a series of web pages displayed in the browser.

      Monopolists HATED this. This could not be tolerated! Thus came the browser wars. Deliberate incompatibility of IE. The antitrust trial. And the long years of stagnation of “standard” IE 6 in an effort to keep application developers locked to a single platform.

      Moving from that ancient time back to the present millennium, eventually, browsers matured. Standards evolved and became the norm. Eventually even Microsoft had to modernize IE as it started rapidly losing market share. Users would use whatever browser was necessary in order to use web applications.

      It isn’t Chrome that Microsoft hates. It’s the loss of monopoly control of applications that it hates. It’s own profitable applications, such as Office, have not been rewritten as web applications. Doing so would require a huge investment. At this point, even if that investment were to be made, it is probably too late.

      1. You’re really good at writing. Can I send you my essay for proof reading?

      2. Though a creative story, you are sadly mistaken in key areas.

        Browsers have integrated search. Search = advertising dollars (3rd party browsers get kickbacks from search companies ie. Google pays Mozilla millions, even though they are a competitor ). Therefore browsers make money. The are now dozens of decent web browser options out there, they aren’t developed for free.

        If you think Office hasn’t been rewritten for the web, you must have not heard of Office 365? Microsoft would actually prefer to do away with the old ‘buy once, use forever’ applications and get residual income from monthly or annual payment from a web based service.

    2. Microsoft is mad at Google Drive

    3. IE is still the number one browser. Firefox is number two ( regained that position from Chrome ) and Chrome is in third place. But IE is waaaay ahead of the number two browser.

  6. Chris you need to comb your hair before making the video or are you putting your finger in the wall socket again? Have a real breakfast and stop eating those jellybeans.

  7. At least they are sending those jobs offshore constantly like other companies.

  8. Dang MS are just acting like stupid children. Time to stop crying and get innovative!

  9. My school loves google’s online apps, also we ditched IE for google chrome

  10. Just seen the video with the mentioning of myself……Good stuff Chris!!!!

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