Mar 7th, 2013

Mobile advertisement is somewhat of a tricky scene these days. Your typical 30-second clip before or after a 5 minute block of gaming or the persistent banner ad at the top or bottom of an app is fine, but companies are always looking for ways to evolve.

We already saw a bit of that evolution with AirPush, an advertising system that allows developers to push ads to users’ notification pane. This is highly undesirable for the end-user, of course, and it’s because of this risky practice that most developers are hesitant to get on board with it.

Well what if I told you a company wanted to start pushing ads to your lock-screen? I know… ugh. But here’s the catch: they actually want to pay you to do that. It’s called SmartAds, and for now it only exists as a project on IndieGoGo. SmartAds will target you with relevant ads before you unlock your smartphone, and each time you view an ad you might earn a small commission.

SmartAds claims users can make up to $50 per month ($25 on your phone and another $25 on a tablet) doing this. I immediately had my doubts, of course — that “up to” is the oldest trick in the book. I would be shocked if I could make more than 25 cents going this route. Still, it’s an interesting proposal that throws a very significant wrench into the fold.

We gravitate toward unconventional development like this. It’s not because we want something like this, but because we’re simply  interested in seeing how it’ll all play out. That said, I feel really, really iffy about backing an IndieGoGo project whose sole purpose is to serve you ads.

It’ll be an interesting day if it can make it to the funding goal of $50,000 in two weeks, for sure. We imagine most backers will be ad publishers or cheeky investors simply looking for a piece of the pie, but if SmartAds can pull this thing off you can bet we’ll have the most sensitive microscope we can find looking down on it. Watch the video above, and let us know in the comments section below if you’d ever try your hand at something like this.

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