Mar 5th, 2013

So how would you like Snoop Dogg on your Android phone or tablet? If watching YouTube videos if his iconic sound from the 90s or his multiple stints on ESPN (where he’s recently been trying to push the “Snoop Lion” persona) don’t do it for you these days, Snoop’s going to be offering himself up in video game form sometime later this year. Dubbed “Way of the Dogg,” the game is a rhythm fighter that has you fending off his foes to the beat of his own music.

Set to release on Android, iOS, Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, the game will ask you to input buttons to the beat of the music, and only the most successful string of inputs will get Snoop pulling off martial arts combos that he probably couldn’t do in real life. The game pays homage to the classic blaxploitation cinema of a few decades ago, and Snoop says this is the first real “gamification” of his music.

Snoop was in the studio to do some voiceover work for the game, and you can find interesting snippets of that in the video above. Way of the Dogg is supposed to launch as part of a multimedia mega launch consisting of his latest album — Reincarnated — and a related documentary by the same name. The release date is still undetermined, though, so if you are looking forward to seeing what sort of lethal weapons Snoop Dogg has attached to his limbs you’ll have to wait a while yet.

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