Humble Bundle for Android 5 is now live


Ready for another round of one of the best deals (and best causes) in mobile gaming? The 5th Humble Bundle for Android has gone live, and it includes a total of 6 games. You pay what you want and decide where you want your money to go — broken down between charity, the developers, and a “humble” tip for the Electronic Frontier Foundation — and get some pretty nice games in the process. Of course, two of those 6 games can only be obtained if you pay more than the average donation price (which, for this round, is about $5.71 as of the time of this writing).

The four standard games in this edition of the Humble Bundle include Beat Hazard Ultra, Dynamite Jack, Solar 2 and Night Sky HD, while the two bonus games for higher donations are Super Hexagon and Dungeon Defenders. You’ll also get the soundtracks for most of these games, and you’ll get access to them on other supported platforms, as well. The charitable donation this time around would go to the Child’s Play Charity, an initiative to entertain sick children in hospitals and let those children keep that entertainment even after they’ve been cared for.

You could just enter $0.01 and be done with it, but why not be a good sport and shoot for that average donation price? You’ll get two games in the process and you’ll feel good knowing that you were able to help a developer feed his family or brighten the day of a sick child. Watch the video above, and head to the Humble Bundle site to get started.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Actually, you’ll need to enter at least a penny.

  2. Wow the first games for android 5.0 are pouring in!!!
    Wait…that is not what this article is about…hmmm I’ll just leave now >.>

  3. I’ve seen you guys write about Humble Bundle in the past, but never got around to getting any of the games. Maybe I didn’t read the full articles in the past, but is this the first time they are donating to charity? I know this has always been a donate to developers thing.

    Anyway, I would have passes again on this, but I saw the charity thing so I donated the average. Surprisingly the Beat Hazard Ultra is a fun little relaxing game to play. I like that it uses your own music for the tracks. Haven’t tried the others and probably won’t, but I do see myself trying NightSky HD on my Tab 2.

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