Rovio, Dreamworks team up to bring official “The Croods” game March 14th [VIDEO]


Rovio has just announced its involvement in the development of a new official mobile game for Dreamworks Animations’ “The Croods.” It’s an animated film that follows the story of Grug, a caveman from the prehistoric era. An earthquake ravaged the poor man’s home, unfortunately, and he has to set out to find a new place for himself and his family to settle.

The developers, of Angry Birds fame, gave us a quick teaser for the game letting us know that we’d be partaking in the experience starting March 14th. The film won’t even be out in the United States by then (it got a head-start premier in Berlin) so you’ll have a good chunk of time to get familiar with the Croods’ universe before heading to theaters.

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t show us what, exactly, to expect from gameplay. We’ll be reaching out to Rovio to see if we can get a beeline on what sort of game this will be. Regardless, if you’ve been looking forward to this film we’re sure you wouldn’t mind playing anything they throw at us. Watch the quick teaser for yourself above.

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