Mar 1st, 2013


Verizon’s Twitter support handle dropped some interesting news in a response to one curious customer. Apparently a new update is almost ready for deployment by Samsung, but there is little to tell us what we might expect. The wishful thinkers among us will hope for a build of Android 4.2 or higher, bringing the Galaxy Nexus in line with its other Nexus brethren.

For now, there is no way to tell if we will be seeing a minor bug fixer or something a bit more substantial. “Soon” is a relative term, so that could mean any indefinite amount of time in the future.

Nexus owners are no doubt frustrated at Google’s seeming insistence on neglecting the Verizon LTE version of the phone. Whether that has to do with their relationship with Verizon, or more with the hardware they are dealing with isn’t quite clear.

[via DroidLife]