Acer’s next phone to be quad-core phablet


Acer didn’t have much of note to show off at Mobile World Congress. We had a chance to check out previously announced models like the Acer Liquid E1 and Acer Liquid Z2 and a new budget-friendly tablet, the Iconia B1, but a true flagship was not present. Turns out Acer is following the lead of other manufacturers and experimenting with the phablet category, as revealed by an executive at MWC.

The phone, the Acer Liquid S, will be sized in that range and utilize a quad-core processor. The specifics are unclear, but we can assume we’re dealing with something in excess of 5 inches. When we can expect an announcement is unclear, as well.

Acer has been known to release a few pretty nice designs here and there, so there is hope we could get something unexpected here: a truly premium device from the brand.

[via GSMArena]

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  1. I want her to work my quad core

    1. ha? are you some mutant quad testicled alien?

  2. Sony Xperia C670X specifications are leaked: an other HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4’s opponent. http://georgedao123.wordpress.com/2013/03/01/sony-xperia-c670x-specifications-are-leaked-an-other-htc-one-and-samsung-galaxy-s-4s-opponent/

  3. Whatever that thing is in that picture… it’s effing ugly. And the most awkward size I could imagine for a device.

    1. aww I think she is very cute

  4. girl hold my 7 inch…

  5. cool i have the B1 and its ok for £100 in the united kingdom works well.

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