Soti’s display mirroring technology offers plenty of possibilities [VIDEO]


Having an issue with your phone? Soon you could be able to receive remote diagnostics and service thanks to Soti. The company provides display mirroring technology for Android handsets that serves a myriad of purposes. Aside from allowing a remote service tech access to your phone for quick tune-up, Soti also gives you a desktop window into your Android device, allowing you to perform any action the handset is capable of straight from your desktop.

Currently Soti has a partnership with Samsung. The tech is built into the Galaxy S3, but the company is in talks with other OEMs. The goal is to provide these sort of services on a larger scale, giving everyone from the end user to the developer a great way to manipulate, control, and experience their Android device.

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  1. This, I want this in my phone. Please don’t be a samsung S3/S4/note/etc exclusive anymore!

  2. How do you access it on the GS3?

  3. EDIT: So, I just tested it:
    It is much more of a hassle to set up than TeamViewer. Also it requires a registration, with your name, email address, etc. TeamViewer works just through a unique ID.
    Lastly, it performs very slow and is only free for 60 minutes. TeamViewer is free forever.

    How is this different from TeamViewer QuickSupport? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teamviewer.quicksupport.market.samsung

    Here’s a modded version for any phone running Cyanogenmod:

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