Inpofi takes wireless charging on the go [VIDEO]


We’ve seen wireless charging, but portable wireless charging? Inpofi is using a new technology to provide cable-free power, at home or the go. Instead of using magnetic induction, a process that generates heat pollution, Inpofi uses hardware installed in a case (and maybe soon, your phone) and the separate charging station, a computer chip the communicates between the two elements induces a charging state.

But more than just the technology behind it, Inpofi’s method allows the creation of a svelte portable charger — as in this is truly entirely wire-free. Charge the dock, slip it in your pocket, and there you go. You can charge your phone simply by carrying it around in the same pocket as the charger. It sounds too good to be true, so we were looking for a catch, but at least from our time with the devices we were unable to find any major drawbacks.

Inpofi is currently in talks with the Chinese and US governments to work toward standardizing their method, allowing them to simply license it to manufacturers and bring it to a larger audience. It will face an uphill battle, as other standards are already starting to become more widespread, but given an option Inpofi looks worth consideration as the wireless charging solution.

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  1. She wanted you Chris… :D

  2. 1. It might be “wire free” from the device to the charger, but not from the charger to the wall outlet. Defeats the purpose imo.
    2. The charger is larger than most regular “tethered” chargers, also taking a bit more away from the “portability” aspect.

    1. Did you not see the part where she set it on the pad that wasn’t plugged in?

    2. This isn’t worth responding to. You obviously don’t like the technology, so I’ll let you keep that.

      1. And yet, you responded… -_-

  3. Quick go buy a Xoom H4n

  4. No thank you, i like being able to reproduce

    1. Zero radiation, per the YOUTUBE video.

    2. People like you make the science community infuriated. You clearly know nothing of the transduction mechanism.

      1. woah buddy, that was sarcasm. i maintain the navigation and communication systems on cargo jets. I’m well educated on signals and radiation.

        man, can’t joke on sites like this without people accusing you of being the thing your joking about.

        1. I’ve got a healthy sense of humor as well,as you do.Too bad the intent gets lost on occasion,one of the drawbacks of communicating in a forum such as this.Sometimes I forget the world doesn’t see things in the same twisted way as I do,which leaves me scratching my head……………. ;)

  5. Couldn’t they just make it a Qi charger with a battery in it that you put in your pocket like this?

    1. Exactly what I was thinking..

  6. This would be really cool if you had a coat pocket with a separate velcro/zipper compartment…when you put your phone in your pocket, it automatically charges. Obviously my pocket idea would need to be designed for this device so it would line up and actually charge, but it could be done.

  7. Hmm she knew the name for the iPhone 4 and 5 but then the the last one was the (galaxy Samsung)

  8. Either Chris is a giant or she is super short.

    1. She’s wearing his high-tops,he’s wearing her high heels…….. ;)

      JJ CC!

  9. I appreciate the efforts of all the companies trying to improve on wireless charging,but,how is this any better than having a removable battery/extended battery?

    Whether we’re talking about wired or wireless charging,it’s a step backward,not forward.You’re either tethered to the wall outlet,or,lugging another gadget around,which smacks of irony when manufacturers are making ever-increasingly slimmer phones.
    The only real meaningful benefit I see from this is less wear & tear on the charging port on your phone.

    The consumer would be better off w/larger battery capacity or better battery life technology.

  10. so this thing makes me carry around the platform AND the wall charger, completely useless, rather just take the charger with me.

    1. No, you can charge up the pad & use it to wirelessly charge your device. It’s a decent alternative to juice packs & outlets.

  11. Does anyone else remember the Galaxy S3 keynote where they advertised wireless charging on the GS3? Yet you can’t find an OEM Qi charger for the S3. What a load of horse poop.

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