Samsung wants fans to be at Times Square for Galaxy S4 unveiling March 14th


Samsung is really drumming up a lot of noise of the announcement for the Galaxy S4. The company scheduled an event in New York City on March 14th (at quite the major venue, I might add) to hold the press conference live. The general public wasn’t invited to that particular venue, but they will be able to watch a live stream via YouTube. Now, Samsung has announced another big way to keep up with all that will be going on that day.

Samsung has announced on Twitter that it would at Times Square with open arms for any fan who wants to get in on the fun. It sounds like they have something pretty big planned, though we could just as easily be getting a simple video board unveiling.

Either way, if you are going to be in New York City that day and want to feel like you’re part of the action then why not make a stop by Samsung’s place to take it all in for yourself? In the meantime, we’ll be right around the corner bringing you live coverage of everything Samsung has to show! Things kick-off 7pm local time.

[via Twitter]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’ll be in there like swimwear.

    1. with your half-usable tmobile phone. soooo cute.

      1. T-Mo phone? Sprint’s my carrier, fool. Go troll elsewhere, noob.

        1. you aren’t helping your case against him.

          1. I don’t need to justify anything to forum trolls. My phone operates perfectly fine.

          2. But you did…

            And it works fine in NYC? You’re lucky Pinnochio is just a children’s story. If it were true someone would have just lost an eye.

          3. Whatever you say.

          4. http://rootmetrics.com/compare-carriers/united-states/new-york/new-york-january-2013/

            It isn’t ‘what I say’… it’s a fact. Worst data, almost doesn’t register a score. Second to worst call performance, barely edging out Metro PCS… incredibly high dropped call rate. One point overall higher than Metro PCS… with a staggering score of 53… T-Mobile mops the floor with them in NYC. And AT&T and Verizon? In a different category.

        2. man idk why you are mentioning sprint….its the worst service provider of all. i get call drops like no tomorrow, cant go on pandora for long, i dont bother to go on youtube because it never loads….worst carrier ever!

          1. Go another provider if you are that unhappy.

  2. Please. Don’t line up like the iCult.

    1. sas the guy with iMac in his name. derp.

    2. iCant not to line up for this!!!

      SAMSUNG can launch Galaxy S4 with the same 4.8″ display size BUT with 1080p resolution and this would be enough to kill 4.7″ HTC One instantly. #marketing

      1. Um, the screen will be the 4.99″ 1080P, this has already been confirmed.

    3. We don’t have to, because Samsung will have the device at 100 locations per city. The Apple fans line up because on launch day, only 5 stores per city are selling the device. It’s an evil marketing strategy, I just hope Samsung doesn’t stoop that low.

  3. I’ll be ready!

  4. I hope the release is shortly thereafter…I hate when they make an announcement for a phone that won’t be available for another 3 months – it’s like a hot chick telling you that you’re definitely going to bang her but you’re not until mid Q3 of this year…you know it’s going to be hard to resist that cute, not as attractive, chick who will bang you now.

    1. I think you need to come up with better analogies :)

      1. I understood it, and I’m gay.

        1. Apply cold water to the burned area.

  5. tech 2013: Motorola NE-X-USphone vs Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy Note III.

  6. Episode 1?

    1. There is little relevance to that. Samsung always holds multiple unpacked events throughout the year, and this is the first one. We’re sure there will be another one for a major tablet, and another one for the Galaxy Note 3.

      1. Gotcha, still kind of new to this. Thanks for the clarification! I am eyeing the GN3 to replace my OG Note.

  7. Idk the GS4 isn’t turning any heads if rumors are to be believed, its basically going to have the same hardware as the HTC one , in the long run its going to be features vs features, touchwiz vs HTC sense, and quality build vs micro SD/removable battery.

  8. Hopefully it doesn’t have an 1080p screen for the sake of Note 2-like battery life.

  9. Wow!! You mean I can wait outside in filthy Times Square for you to let me maybe touch some germ ridden galaxy S4??!! And you wont let me into the proper announcement at radio city. Yeah, ok Samsung. FU

  10. apple – everyones wants it, but its expensive! still a great phone!

    samsung – the cheaper option for those that cant afford the iphone… if they were the same price you would buy a iphone…its a nice device….may get the s4… who knows….

    HTC & Nokia & RIM – do i hear administration calling…..

    windows mobile – lol what a joke….abit like steve ballmer. come on MS! get your sH*t together. you need a plan… develop a universal item consider most people use MS windows/office/used to your apps…. integrate…

    future is…..a new manufacturer that creates a era of domination and keep ahead of the game. releases innovative devices at the right price and make the consumers feel proud, not ripped off, over sold and under delivering like most mobile brands….

    for now i will keep my BB for work – clearly the best device in the corporate world and apple for fun!…..

    so twat faces… amuse me…. chop chop

    1. Expensive? Cheaper? I paid EXACTLY $199 for each of my iphones over
      the years. And I paid EXACTLY $199 for my current phone: The S3.
      That’s a big price difference???? (Ugh, Disqus is down again today.)

  11. Samsung is really trying very hard to hype this phone and am
    surprised that Sammy fanboyz are eating it up like the Apple fanboyz they used
    to diss. This is Android, the NEXT BIG thing is already here, Nexus 4 or HTC
    One, best phone at MWC 2013. I can’t wait to see if any s-Sheep actually turn
    out for this. The irony is going to be epic! LOL!

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