Feb 28th, 2013

Just because HTC has a new kid on the block for 2013 doesn’t mean those of you with some of its 2012 smartphones are left behind. Wondering about the fate of some of HTC’s biggest 2012 smartphones, one user on Facebook asked HTC if Sense 5.0 would be coming to the HTC One X. To everyone’s surprise, HTC responded, and even gave us even more details than was originally requested.

The company confirmed that Sense 5 would be headed to the HTC One X, HTC One X+, HTC One S, and the HTC Butterfly within the next few months. The OEM specifically mentioned that “global” variants would get it, so those of you with carrier-branded versions will likely have to wait a while longer.

HTC made it a point to mention that not everything the HTC One has would be coming to the aforementioned smartphones due to differences in hardware. We’re assuming they’re referring to HDR mode in the “UltraPixel” camera, the TV remote feature thanks to the  infrared blaster, and the new audio enhancement software made for those beautiful stereo speakers, but we’ll be reaching out to see if we can get any more specifics. To be quite honest, we’re just happy HTC decided to say anything at all — we weren’t even expecting to hear anything until the HTC One launches.

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