OUYA shipping to Kickstarter backers March 28th, teases new exclusive project by ex-Valve designer


The OUYA gaming console is almost here, folks. The Kickstarter sensation, which is an Android-powered gaming console powered by the Tegra 3 platform, will be shipping out to Kickstarter backers beginning March 28th according to the latest project update.

OUYA already has components in the factory and on the assembly line, so it’s only a matter of time before these are going right to your doorsteps. Those who backed the project have first dibs, of course, while the rest of you will have to wait until the console’s general launch in June (which OUYA assures is still on time).

Backers will be getting units so early that OUYA’s featureset won’t even be fully ready. We’re told to expect frequent updates in the weeks to come that will add new features and continue to refine the user experience. With tens of thousands of units to ship, OUYA says don’t be surprised if your tracking number — said to be headed to an inbox near you soon — estimates delivery times of 2-3 weeks.

OUYA also had some details to share about new games coming soon. It has announced a new project by Airtight Games headed up by ev-Valve game designer Kim Swift. She was partly responsible for the likes of Portal and Left 4 Dead, and while no details have come to light yet we’re sure to be in for a treat. Says Swift: “…the title will definitely appeal to core gamers in terms of skill and difficulty, it really has a completely unexpected, imaginative slant that’s totally at home on this console.”

Also teased were projects from Papo and Yo developers Minority Media, a new OUYA-exclusive title by Tripwire Interactive (alongside The Ball), and an action RPG called ChronoBlade by nWay. If that’s not enough, OUYA has announced the winners of its CREATE game jam where developers whipped up prototypes of would-be games for cash prizes:

Finally, OUYA announced that Kellee Santiago would be jumping on board as head of developer relations — or the “Developers’ best friend,” as OUYA likes to call her. She is the co-founder of thatgamecompany, the developers of one of 2012’s most critically acclaimed titles Journey. Exciting times are ahead indeed, and we’ll be right in the thick of things with an OUYA unit of our own. Be sure to check out some of our early coverage on this quirky little package and get excited as the fun will begin as early as late next month.

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