Google offers glimpse of Project Glass UI


We’ve seen plenty of Project Glass and have a pretty good idea of how it will look when you spot someone strolling down the street in a pair, but what we haven’t seen is what the world will look like through the eyes of the user. Google is finally lifting the veil by way of a new video showcasing life through the lens of Glass.

The clip, which takes its cues from recent Google ads for the Nexus line and features like Google Now, also gives us an idea of how we will be able to use our voice as the main means of controlling the experience. It all looks quite intuitive. If it works as well as Google portrays it here, the company might really be on to something.

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  1. that looks sweet!

  2. plus a US only campaign for non-developers to have a chance to win one by posting on G+ or twitter with the #ifihadglass tag.
    50 words or less, at max 5 images or 15sec video (not sure about video length)
    18+ yo.

    1. You don’t exactly “win” it. You still have to cough up the $1,500.

      1. yeah, I caught on that a bit late…..what a lame contest then……glad it is US only
        Actually, no! even lame contests should be global!

  3. That was awesome!

  4. I really can’t tell if this is simulated or the real deal… If it’s the real deal, then I’ll be damned…
    But it obviously needs some sort of data plan.. Can’t wait for this to be available for consumers, but not with the hefty $1500 price tag…

    1. it runs off your phone, connects through Bluetooth or mobile hotspot.

  5. Well done! A lot of great uses for these things. And I imagine the trend will be to make them smaller and smaller over time so you won’t look like Robocop when wearing them.

  6. Won’t be taking a pair on a roller coaster personally far to likely to fall off your head and break hitting the ground on something like that.

    1. Yeah cause everyone who wears glasses loses them on a roller coaster.

  7. I’m still stuck with the idea that I just spent $4k to never have to wear glasses again (for a while at least, LASIK) and now I have to debate putting glasses back on my head?!

    1. I’m hoping the monocle makes a comeback.~.

      1. I’m sure it will – part of the steampunk fashion movement

        1. In this case it will be cyberpunk, but I like where your head’s at.

          1. Let’s go with… styberpunk

    2. I’m thinking of having LASIK surgery just so that I CAN use these goggles instead of my Rx glasses :p

    3. On the LASIK front. I am thinking serious about it……worth it or not?

      1. Completely worth every penny. Should have done it years ago.

        1. Good to hear. I am getting a great bonus in April and have been really thinking about LASIK. Most people I talk to really talk about it being life changing! I just want to see! Lol

  8. Oh Google, this is why I love you. Take my money already!

  9. I must have a pair! I liked the last shot of the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque.

  10. This is so far beyond stupid that it started to be cool again only to keep going and end up being really stupid again.

    I don’t want to be Iron Man.

    1. I do

      1. ya i do too

    2. Can I have your Iron Man? Pleaz???

    3. Who wouldn’t want to be Iron Man?

    4. Well Iron Man doesn’t want to be you.

  11. Please bring Glass now!

  12. I would wear such an expensive piece of equipment skydiving, on an ancient rollercoaster in Coney Island, etc. But this is a pretty cool concept. However, the price will have to be right…

    1. They secure them with Croakies. (I am not affiliated with this brand. It’s just a well-known example)

  13. Now this looks more to reality than the first fake video they gave us lol. It’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

  14. Skiing with extraneous info in your periphery? What could go wrong? (Looks very cool, tho.)

  15. I honestly can’t see myself using this. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really cool, but for $1500 bucks, I’ll just whip out my phone a little bit faster for pictures and videos (which I rarely take anyway).

  16. Hey I can’t wait until the price comes down and you can watch 3 out of every 8 come out the store pop them on and walk directly into traffic. LOL. #glassgoingnowhere

  17. I keep seeing people throw around this 1500 dollar price tag. I dont think that will be the retail price, people paid that to be the first to recieve a pair and I beleive they were also invited to the glass even that they just had.

  18. Wow, Google is starting to scare me, Skynet kind of fear.

    Way to invasive for me, my life is not Google worthy, boring in fact.

    1. That’s what they said about cell phones, too.

  19. I really think Google should be marketing these toward music some too. This is like an iPod on your head. It’s light like glasses, has a tiny screen so you can always see it out of the corner of your eye, and plays music by sending vibrations to your head so that you’re the only one that can really hear it. Plus with voice activation and internet, you have every song with you and all you have to do is say it.

  20. Nice vid. The only bit that didn’t make much sense was saying “Ok Glass, Take a Picture”, and then hoping it’ll capture a moment that you really need button-press accurate timing for VS +- 1 second inaccuracy

  21. Am I the only one not that impressed? So it can take a picture/video and a couple other things. Big deal. I was expecting more of a Terminator type display, not a tiny screen in the corner.

  22. OK Glass, remove womans clothing

  23. Sounds nice, until you read the part that says you have to pay for them. They’re nice, but i’m not paying that much money for what isn’t much more than a prototype that can’t do anything more than what my phone does

  24. You just know that every ‘real person’ video is going to be all “Blair Witch / Cloverfield” jiggy.

  25. So $1500 smackers, on contract and subsidized they will be what $499?
    Still to high, hope when they come to market they are around $199 off contract and $49 subsidized.

  26. The adult entertainment industry will buy 100,000 of these. POV will take on all new meaning.

  27. Great thing~~ Love it

  28. That’s not the UI. It’s a mock-up. Shame on you Phandriod for a misleading title. (Click Bait)

  29. What a load of sh!t. This will end up shelved

  30. I’m struggling to find a need for this.

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