LG Optimus F5 and Optimus F7 leak


In a Mobile World Congress teaser released yesterday, it wasn’t hard to decipher the possibility of an Optimus F unveiling next week. A new leak has confirmed as much, and it looks like the F series will feature at least two handsets.

Seen here, the LG Optimus F5 and LG Optimus F7 look like pretty typical handsets for the Korean manufacturer. No specs accompany the images, so it’s hard to say exactly where LG will position the phones in their lineup. The phones will likely slot in between the high-end Optimus G line and the more affordable L Series.

Expect to hear a heap more about these devices come next week. LG will be hosting press on Monday, February 25th and providing a look at what’s new in 2013.

[@evleaks via BriefMobile]

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  1. GS2 and GS3? But really, there’s only so mich you can do with a rectangle and a screen…

  2. I think the phones look great. But at this point, they all seem to look alike and they all perform well, fast. It’s the software side of things that interests me more. And right now Samsung pretty much has the best software.

    1. I’m kinda there too. I like TouchWiz. Running JellyBean on my Epic 4G Touch. Can’t wait for the official update.

      But the HTC One looks nice. It looks “different”. I’m willing to give that a try. I don’t really care about ROMs anymore. I just want updates and root. I’ll run stock root.

      1. Yeah, totally feel ya. I am running my Note 2 stock rom rooted and never been happier. Everything is solid, just works, and rarely crashes. I always custom rommed my phones but this is the first phone that did not require I do that.

        1. me too, after running countless custom roms on my gs3, i have decided to go with the official jb rooted rom, like you said it just work i never been hapier.

  3. i think is going to be really hard to beat htc one design wise by far the best looking phone there is.

    1. am i the only one who dislikes the htc one? i dont think its an attractive device at all. it screams “meh” to me. and this is coming from a die hard htc fan.

      1. you probably not the only one that don’t like the HTC design but you are on a very minority group, htc one is a very sexy peace of art very well built, astonishing beautiful.

      2. isoniazid I agree to some extent, the One is imo the nicest HTC device I’ve seen, but I prefer the looks and styling of LGs devices by a long shot

  4. Somebody from Moto of HTC needs to give the LG execs a call and let them know how well the “let’s release a million phones” strategy works…

  5. i think you guys made a mistake. those are the iphone 3g and the galaxy s3 up there…..oh wait…

    1. Looks nothing like an iPhone, at all.

  6. Reminds me of that wrestling move

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