Qualcomm announces Quick Charge 2.0, boasts 75 percent faster charging times


No sooner did Qualcomm let us in on the secrets of Quick Charge 1.0 than the company has announced the next generation of rapid-charging technology. Quick Charge 2.0 will debut in devices using the Snapdragon 800 platform, a hardware solution providing up to 75 percent quicker charge time.

As with Quick Charge 1.0, the second generation doesn’t require any software gimmicks, instead offering an integrated circuit that couples with Quick Charge-enabled wall adapters. In testing, Quick Charge 2.0 was able to bring a tablet to full power in just three hours compared to the typical seven plus. We’re talking 60 watts of power compared to the 10 watts provided by version 1.0.

The good news is that most standard microUSB wall chargers will soon feature the technology inherently, meaning you won’t have to hunt down an overpriced or specialized adapter. If you have an existing Quick Charge 1.0 adapter, the standards will be backwards compatible.

While Qualcomm is getting the hype train rolling today, don’t expect to see phones with the capability until early 2014. That’s when we will likely see the first round of smartphones featuring the Snapdragon 800 platform.

[via Qualcomm]

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  1. too bad this tech isn’t in the snapdragon 600!

  2. The current n7 with get key lime pie too since it’s a nexus device

  3. The article says Qualcomm doesn’t expect the QuickCharge 2.0 tech to reach smartphones until early 2014,…that’s dissapointing, likely this tech won’t be in the Galaxy S4, boohoo, now I don’t know if I should settle for the S4,. . .or wait for the Note III, but I really want this QuickCharge 2.0 tech in my next smartphone!!!

    1. The Note 2 charges faster than these will with OEM charger. The Note 2 comes with a 2 amp charger as opposed to the standard 1 amp chargers.

  4. If it takes 7+ hours to charge your tablet, you need a new one. It take less than 3 to charge my Nexus 7.

  5. I’m curious about the actual electrical specifications of “Quick Charge 2.0” because it sounds like they’ve broken the USB standard, just like Apple did with their silly resistor tricks. While I’m all for faster charging, I think that anything that’s based off of a standard should be standardized as well, because I really don’t want to have to worry about blowing up my phone or shocking myself just because I plugged my phone into the “wrong” kind of USB charger.

    1. And these still won’t charge as fast as my Note 2 with OEM charger.

      1. 2A chargers will do wonders with any phone

        1. Yeah, I’m surprised the Note 2 is the phone that comes with a 2 amp charger from the factory.

    2. I hope they didn’t. I don’t want something proprietary. And I want the microUSB standard to improve on this, because with larger and larger batteries in tablets and phones, we’re going to need it.

  6. I think this quick charge stuff is a gimmick, the Nexus 4 doesn’t charge quick at all. My Optimus L9 with a slightly bigger battery and the OMAP charges a hell of a lot faster. Even the LG Motion with a puny battery takes forever to charge and that supposedly has this quick charge 1.0 stuff.

  7. How fast does the Note 2 charge from 2%? Anybody with the S3?

    I have the Samsung Droid Charge, essentially equivalent to the S1, I am sooo ready for an upgrade,. . .the Qualcomm 800 processor seems so amazing it might be worth waiting for, but Samsung will probably use their in-house Exynos for the S4 & Note III.

    1. The Note 2 charges really fast because of the 2A charger it comes with, if you were to use it with a regular charger it would probably charge much slower though.

    2. The battery is 3100mAh (3.1Ah), so at 2A you could in theory charge the phone in 1 and half hour. In real world is close to 2 hours, but still great compared with other phones with 800 and 1000mA chargers.

  8. Hopefully these kinds of chargers will become increasingly more, and more standard!

  9. That also comes with 75% faster drainage! :D

  10. this will guarantee me not getting another phone until next year. i want this feature and im enjoying my tricked out GS3.

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