Googlers do the Harlem Shake, Android style


I don’t really get this meme, nor do I want to, but apparently it has taken the internet by storm. For a better explanation on why what you see above, taking place on the lawn of the Googleplex among statues representing Android versions past and present, is not actually the Harlem Shake, see this recent Gizmodo piece.

The Verge argues that the Google video (along with one by Facebook’s team) spells the end of the meme as we know it, an internet-age jumping of the shark. Something tells us the Harlem Shake isn’t going anywhere, though…

Kevin Krause
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  1. The chick standing next to Ice Cream Sandwich looks pretty hot.

  2. W… T….. F…??

  3. lol i dont know where this craze started, but its always funny

  4. I’m addicted to these damn videos loool .. !!!

    1. heard about them on reddit. I like the firefighter one

      1. probably #1 in my book … spidey was going buck in there hahaha !!

        To everyone who is sooo uptight they cant enjoy these videos .. Clearly we all know this isnt the dance people were doing 15 yrs ago .. Its called Harlem Shake because you dance to the song and thats the songs name. If you dont get the concept .. your over thinking it !!

  5. I think I should be glad I didn’t see much of this ‘craze’

  6. My friends and I are making one next week lol

  7. There’s a giant Jamaican banana.

  8. I feel ya Kevin. I usually hate most internet fads but this one I love :-)

  9. Sick beat, though…

  10. I don’t get it man..

  11. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. This has gone TOO far…

    1. This is all new to me. Why has this gone too far?

  13. If it were only that easy to kill a meme…

  14. Who the hell told you THAT was the Harlem shake? Lol

  15. Horse Masks baby bring the horse mHorse Masks baby bring the horse masks asks

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