NVIDIA’s Fiscal 2013: “The best work in our company’s history”


NVIDIA has posted its numbers for the fourth quarter in its fiscal 2013, and the company has a lot to be excited about. For Q4 specifically, NVIDIA posted revenues of $1.11 billion in revenue, which was good enough to drive profits to $174 million. Despite those numbers being slightly worse than Q3 — where revenue was $1.2 billion and profits were $209 million — NVIDIA performed quite well year-over-year. The company was up from $943 million in revenue and up from $116 million in profit in fiscal Q4 2012.

NVIDIA’s fiscal Q3 2013 was the star of the show, though, as that was a record breaking month for the chipset vendor. NVIDIA says it did its best work in the company’s history last year, and that it would look to continue to ride this momentum into fiscal 2014 on the back of the growing Tegra and core GPU business.

President and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang name-dropped the likes of Project SHIELD and NVIDIA GRID as important pieces of the company’s strategy to not only take over existing product categories, but to create new ones in this competitive industry. NVIDIA definitely got off to a big start this year with the announcement of the powerful Tegra 4 platform at CES, and with LTE support baked into it from the get-go NVIDIA could find its wares inside many more handsets and tablets than last year.

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  1. the why are OEMS not purchasing your products?

  2. Q4 Numbers for fiscal year 2013? We just started calendar year 2013?

    1. yeah, their fiscal year is about 11 months ahead of the calendar year. they’re almost lapping the calendar :-)

      1. I understand starting fiscal year in the summer but man they have a massive head start on the year starting in February.

  3. Simply boggles the mind

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