Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2.2 Yakju build now available for download and manual installation


Folks with the Galaxy Nexus with the “yakju” build line — which is most folks who bought the device internationally and outside the Google Play Store — can now download the latest version of Android. It’ll bring you to Android 4.2.2, build JDQ39, but you’ll have to be coming from Android 4.2.1, build JOP40D, to flash it. You can install it through a custom recovery, sideload it using ADB, or grab a rooted version from the quick folks over at XDA.

The upgrade started rolling out to Nexus devices everywhere this week, and it brought a couple of new minor features and fixed a whole lot of bugs, including a fix for audio streaming over Bluetooth A2DP. This will be your best bet of getting it loaded up on your yakju device if Google hasn’t already delivered the goods straight to you, so get to it!

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. I have a Nexus 7 16GB bought on the Japanese Google Play store. It is rooted, and the bootloader is unlocked. I had a notice of an update this morning. I did a full backup with Titanium, then I checked OTA rootkeeper. Everything looked fine. I accepted the update offer. The system rebooted, but then I got a picture of the android robot with his chest open and a red triangle with an exclamation point on it. “Error!”, it said below.

    I shut down and rebooted. There are now no updates available (Your system is up to date). My system is at 4.2.1 Build number JOP40D just as this article mentions.

    The update was downloaded before the reboot, I believe, so I don’t think the update files were pulled. What else could it be?

    1. I had the exact same message on my rooted galaxy nexus, I was thinking of installing 4.2.1 then getting the rooted 4.2.2 from XDA link above.
      anyone else?

  2. FYI Yakju means alcohol in korean

  3. just got my 4.2.2 using the framework trick,here in UK.my gnex seems faster,and smoother, hope battery life a bit better..nexus7 waiting..thank god for nexus..happy valentines day all..Charley

  4. Ugh. Shouldn’t have updated on my GNex. The version of Play Books baked in to the ROM is messed up in that it takes an age to seek to pages that aren’t directly next to the page i’m currently on and sometimes just bombs out after ages of trying to load a page. And now it’s doing it on my N7 too after the update when the latest version of the app was fine before -_-

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