Samsung innovation exec sees patent wars as ‘a loss’ for the entire industry


While Apple’s triumph over Samsung in a US court can definitely be classified as a blow for the Android maker, David Eun, executive vice president for Samsung’s Open Innovation Center sees it as “a loss” for the entire mobile industry. Speaking at the D:Dive Into Media conference on Monday night, Eun delved into the precarious relationship between the two manufacturers, noting that Samsung profits off of Apple’s sales by way of components included in the iPhone’s build.

But the two are still competitors, both on store shelves and in the courtroom, and while Eun wishes it weren’t so, he sees little other solution than to let lawyers settle the feud in front of a judge. He sounded, however, like a man who wished he could simply see the whole mess go away with a wave of a hand, as would the majority of us folks simply craving innovative new tech without all the politics.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Just wait it out Samsung. Apple will do what every stupid American company does. Fold and die!!! It will just take a couple more months.

    1. But then who will Samsung steal ideas from, copy it, and pretend it was the next “obvious” step?

      1. Whomever Apple initially stole the idea from and then claimed to “innovate” “invent” or any other buzzword that’s applicable.

        1. Don’t forget “patent as their idea.”

      2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (at you, not with you)

      3. You’re a special little guy aren’t you? :)

    2. Aren’t you a little euro derp. ALL companies ALL OVER THE WORLD end up folding and dying eventually. It’s a normal cycle in business. Such a tiny brain and a big voice.

  2. Look at his right cheek. He’s killed two people.

    1. hahaha, he does look a little creepy. Got one on the neck as well lol

  3. Innovation, good. Politics, bad.

  4. If you have no innovation left, then you might as well start a patent thermonuclear war. Or at least try to ‘monetize’ patents that never should have been granted.

    It’s what all the has-been’s do. Kodak. Polaroid. Technicolor. Microsoft.

  5. Screw it aaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  6. That’s funny because Samsung has initiated several lawsuits against apple, LG and others.

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