Feb 12th, 2013

While Apple’s triumph over Samsung in a US court can definitely be classified as a blow for the Android maker, David Eun, executive vice president for Samsung’s Open Innovation Center sees it as “a loss” for the entire mobile industry. Speaking at the D:Dive Into Media conference on Monday night, Eun delved into the precarious relationship between the two manufacturers, noting that Samsung profits off of Apple’s sales by way of components included in the iPhone’s build.

But the two are still competitors, both on store shelves and in the courtroom, and while Eun wishes it weren’t so, he sees little other solution than to let lawyers settle the feud in front of a judge. He sounded, however, like a man who wished he could simply see the whole mess go away with a wave of a hand, as would the majority of us folks simply craving innovative new tech without all the politics.

[via Engadget]

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